Gotta Be You

Darian was just a normal teen that went to school & hung out with friends until one day her family went on a vacation to London and everything changed. (this is my first one)


10. The Surprise Party

Today is my moms surprise birthday party. It is also her real birthday. Everything is set up and the weather is perfect. Everyone is here so now we are just waiting for my dad and my mom. Their car just pulled in so any minute now. My mom gets close enough so we all jump up yelling surprise Happy birthday.

She is so surprised that she is speechless. She has tears of joy running down her face she thanked me and Niall for the party. During the party we played games ate delicious food I made that is my moms favourites. She opened her gifts from everyone which she loved. Then we had her favorite cake. Her favorite cake is chocolate with brownie pieces inside and peanut butter cups and chocolate chips. I had it specially made at the local bakery.

My mom said she really enjoyed the party. She got to see all of her friends and family. She loved spending time with me and my sisters and her Three grandchildren the twins and Aiden. After we're ready to leave Fallyn announced that she had something to say. "I'm pregnant" she said. "I'm happy for you" we all replied.

The next day me and Niall cleaned up the park. For dinner we had leftovers from the party and for dessert we had some of the left over cake that my mom didn't take home. My dad called and said that my mom could not stop talking about how sweet her kids are. She loves us all and makes sure we all know it. She treats all my friends like their her own too.

The next day my mom was feelin a lot of pain so my dad took her to the hospital to get her checked out. It turns out that the cancer is worst than they thought and there is nothing they can do. They gave her three to six weeks to live. That night I didn't talk much I wa to busy crying. My dad was even more devastated and my mother was scared. Niall loved my parents like his own so when he heard the news he was crying too.

The next couple weeks we came over to my moms and ate with her talked to her and entertained her. When three weeks came she was sent to live in a hospital until she died. My dad didn't know what to do. My mom was only in her fifthys an had a whole life ahead of her. But now that all changed.
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