Gotta Be You

Darian was just a normal teen that went to school & hung out with friends until one day her family went on a vacation to London and everything changed. (this is my first one)


11. Tesla and Harry

Tesla's P.O.V.

Today Harry and I are getting married. My maid of honor is Darian which is my best friend. The other bridesmaids are Fallyn, Kaleigh, and Ashley. Harrys best man is Niall. The other men are Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Our wedding colors are dark turqouis and white. At about three o'clock i will be walking down the isle. I will be escourted by my father who will be giving me away. The flower girl is Haylee since Tesla couldnt decide between Addison and Abbi. The ringbear is my son Aiden, he is so excited.

At about 3 o'clock the church was filled with all our parents in te front rows and friends in the middle, with the other town visitors in the back. It statred out with Harry at the podium waiting with the preacher. Then, Liam escorted Ashley down the isle. Then came Kaleigh and Louis and then Fallyn and Zayn. Then came Darian and Niall. After them came the flower girl then the ring bear. Then it was finally time for me to walk down the isle.  I was so nervous but i walked down the isle slow and graceful, careful not to trip over my own feet.When i finally made it to Harry the preacher had us say our vows and "i do's". Then finally he said you may now kiss your bride. It was the sweetest and longest kiss of me and harrys history of kissing. Then finally the preacher said I may now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Harry Styles.

At the reception we all dance and ate food and had the dollar dance. One by one i dance with all the people willing to pay a dollor to dance with me. Harry got most of the dollors towards him. After we all ate and the dj played his song I let Harry sing me a song. His voice was beautiful like he could be famous. I wish i had a voice like his, his voice was the voice of an angel. After all the dancing by midnight the dj left and it was time to go home. Today was the best day of my life.

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