Gotta Be You

Darian was just a normal teen that went to school & hung out with friends until one day her family went on a vacation to London and everything changed. (this is my first one)


2. Ride to London

My family and I are in the car on our way to the airport at 4 am on saturday morning. Then we make our way into the plane where we are headed to London. The flight takes about 8 hours to get there. "were here" my dad calls to us. "finally" we all answered. When we get their we putvourbstuff in the hotel. "can Tesla, Ashley, Fallyn, and I go for a walk?" I asked. "sure" "thanks". "where do you three want to go?" "doesn't matter but I'm hungry" me and my friends walk out of the hotel and approach a restaurant by the name Nandos. "this place looks good" "never heard of it" "let's go inside" we are greatest by the hostess and. Taken inside to where we are sat beside 5 boys. Tesla had her eye on the one with shoulder length curly brown hair. "he is so good looking" tesla said. "go talk to him" Tesla got up and walked over. "hey" "hey" "how are you?" "good". That's all we could hear from our table before he started writing down his number and offering her a glass of wine. When I looked over to see how it was goingwiththe two I noticed the blonde one staring at me and smiling. He was cute so I smiled back but then he started walking over and I panicked. "hey can I buy you a drink?" he asked me. "sure" I replied. "my names Niall, what's yours?" he asked. "my names Darian" I replied. Then he asked me where I was staying and gave me his number. After about two hours of our two tables talking we left
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