Gotta Be You

Darian was just a normal teen that went to school & hung out with friends until one day her family went on a vacation to London and everything changed. (this is my first one)


8. Darian and Niall

Darian is falling madly in love with Niall. The more time they spend together the more love they have for each other. "Niall where do you want to go tonight for dinner?" I asked. " I would like to go to the most expensive restaurant in town because I would do anything to make you happy." he replied. Tesla and Harry agreed to take the twins while the two went out for their 1 year anaversery dinner. "you ready to go?" we both asked. I guess we both are.

Niall opened the door for me as I got out of the car at the restaurant. I ordered the lobster and Niall ordered a 12 oz steak. "this has been the best couple of years of my life since I have met you." Niall said. "I have been feeling the same way ever since I laid eyes on you in Nandos." I replied. "I love you!" we both said at the same time.

The rest of the night we talked about how much we love each other an all the memories we have had and how much we love the girls. When we were leaving Niall opened the doors for me and escorted me to the car. "this we was one of the bet nights of my life." I said. "me too" he replied.

"are you ready to go home?" "I arranged for addi and abbi to stay the night at teslas so we can have some time alone for once." he said. "yep" I replied.

When we got to the house Niall immidiatly started rippin off my clothes while I was taking off his. Then he was inside me. After we were done we jumped in the shower. Then we went to bed. "goodnight" we both said.
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