Gotta Be You

Darian was just a normal teen that went to school & hung out with friends until one day her family went on a vacation to London and everything changed. (this is my first one)


1. Birthday party

I woke up with my family all looking at me saying "Surprise Happy 16th Birthday Darian". "Thanks dad, mom, Kaleigh, and Fallyn." "your welcome, now get ready we have a surprise for you later and your guests are planned to arrive at 1 o'clock". "okay guys get out so I can shower". They left so I walked into my private bathroom and showered and brushed my teeth. I put on a sun dress and walked down the steps at 1 to go greet my guests. The first person to show up was my best friend Tesla. Then before I knew it everyone else came. It was great. "time for cake" my dad yelled. Then they all sang happy birthday and I opened presents we played some games and everyone left. "honey we have a surprise for you!" "what is it?" I asked. "this weekend we are going to London for vacation and you can bring two friends!" "thank you I can't wait" I said almost screaming. (sorry bad start it's my first one but it will get better I promise)
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