Getting lost in his curls

My name is Charlotte Brandy... and I am a singer, but of course you know that.... this is my story.... this is a summer in my life.... my life with one direction... my life in fame, riches, and fans.

I spend a lot of time with the boys of 1D. We were both signed by Simon, and right now we are working on a collaboration... but shhh i can't tell anyone... this is how I got to know the famous One Direction and how i stole a heart of the #1 heart throb in London. :)


1. Meeting Ms. Brandy

I hop out of my bed and walk down the hall and stairs to the kitchen. "Morning Lotte, nice to see you up. What are the plans for today?" I shrug and grab my toast from my roommate, Caroline . "Let's see... I have to be in the studio at 10. I have an interview at 4. Then I was going to head back to the studio for awhile then stop by the food market." Caroline nodded. "Can you grab me some apples? Oh and grapes we ate the rest." I nod and walk back to my room. I walk into my closet and grab a pair of skinny jeans and a nice but comfy blouse. I got the jeans on pretty easily but my shirt was really hard because of the huge cast in my right arm. Once I was fully clothed I slipped my feet into my gladiator sandals zipping up the back. I grabbed my messenger bag an started walking out, grabbing the grocery list Caroline wrote while I got ready. "See ya tonight!" I yell at her as I slip out the door. I walk down the stairs and to my little car. I sit my bag in the right seat and start to drive to the studio. I stop before the gate and smile at Ed, "Do you mind telling them Im in a hurry to get to the studio?" he shakes his head and grabs his mega phone telling them. Most awed and walked away but 3 or 4 stayed. I took pictures with them quickly and autographed some stuff for them and let them sign my cast. I hope back in the car and drive to the studio. I get to the studio and park. Security comes and pushes me in the doors. I smile and wave to all the fans as I'm escorted indoors. Once I get inside I'm surrounded by hugs from the guys. Harry and Niall grabbed my arm and started pulling me into the studio room. "Hey guys." I heard a rang of hellos from each the boys. I sit in the seat in the recording booth. "Ok so plans?" the guys shrug and I smile, "Well at noon I'm heading out. I have to go home and get dressed for another tv interview. So how about we run a few of the songs?" they nod as there's a knock at the door. "Liam, I trust you. Hit the play button and start from the top. I'll be right back." I step out to see my manger. "Yes Thomas?" he smiles at me, "Hello Charlotte, I just needed to tell you that we are starting to look around... We found a guy... We want you to go out before the interview today. Your leaving in an hour." I nod an smile, "Ok, is it ok I wear this?" he nods and I walk back in the room. I froze at what I saw. Liam jumped on topaz almost naked Harry... "What going on here!?!" the boys froze... I raised an eyebrow walking over and turning off the loud music... Not the ones they were meant to be practicing. "Well?" Zayn stood up, "Well... Um.... It was Liam and Harry!!" Harry jumps up, "That rubbish!! Liam started it!!" I sigh, "Well, Let's get started... Something came up so I'm leaving soon." the guys pressed at it but I finally got ten to stop an we started recording our song. We finished our take and my phone goes off, "Pardon me, it about time I go anyways." I grab it, "Hello?" I heard a shaky breathe, "Hey this is Nate, Thomas gave me your number..." I smile and the guys look confused, "Yes, I am about to leave right now. Where are we meeting up again?" I asked politely even though I was never told. "Oh Eloise's, is that ok?" I grab my bag and slip the track into it, "Yes that perfect, I will be there in about 10 minutes." I heard him sigh, "Ok see you then." I hung up and slipped the strap over my head, "Well boys I'm off, I will see you later today. How's that sound?" they nod and I give them hugs walking out and down the hall. Security helped me walk past the crowds. I wave and smile saying sweet things as I walked to my car. I hopped in and started slowly driving. I got to the Eloise's with about a minute to spare. I fixed my hair and smile at my reflexion as I got out. I walked in to see it manly empty. I see a man stand up, he was about 18 and had brown hair. I smile at him, "Hello Nate, how are you?" he smiled, "I'm good, I got us a seat by the window... And got some tea." I smile, "I'm sorry I don't like tea..." he raises an eyebrow, "Are you sure your English?" I laugh, "I'm from America. I moved here about 3 years ago." he raised an eyebrow, "Didn't know that." i smile, "What part are you from?" h shrugs, "Small town in North Austin." I laugh, "Is it north hampton?" his mouth us agape, "How did you know that?" I smile, "Your Nathan Brown. I am Charlotte Finch." his mouth was open, "Charlie?!". we talk about our careers and everything we haven't talked about in the last 3 years enjoying the coffee I got. "Well I have to go get ready for an interview, it was very nice seeing you Nate." he smiled and walked me out to my car. He leaned in and gave me a big kiss. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. We explored each others mouth then he pulled back taking a deep breath, "I am sorry. Thomas told me to make it seem like a date, and I can't leave a girl with out a kiss in the first date. Especially one I've kissed before." he whispered. I laugh and lean my head on his shoulder, "I really have to go, I'll call you tonight." he nods and steps back as I slide into my car. I stop by my condo and into my room. I grab my nice yellow one shoulder with rouched bodice and A line short fashion cocktail dress. I walk over to my closet and grab a pair of 3 1/2 inch white strap heels. I slip on a bracelet and some earrings, then put on my dress. I grab a small matching clutch and slip my phone into the bag and get into my car and drive to the tv studio. I walk out and people surround me. Make up and everyone start piling me every which way and in 30 minutes I'm ready. "Hello, you look gorgeous tonight."  I smile, "Hello Allen, it's always a pleasure." we hug and he walk to the stage. I was standing by the stairs when I hear, "Charlotte Brandy!!" and loud cheering. I walk down the stairs smiling, "Hello everyone!" I said a little loud. I walk over to Allan an give him a hug, "Hello Lotte, look at you!!" I smile and sit down, "I was gonna wear my purple dress but I didn't want to be lost in your walls." he laughs, "A drink? I made your favorite." I smile, "Yes please, I don't think I want to know how you know my love for margaritas." he laughed as he pored us both a glass," So how are you?" I smile, "I'm doing good. I got to go out with an old friend today, and that was nice." he smiled, "I actually have a picture of you guys, and you seem very close."  a picture came in the screen of me and Nate kissing. I blush, "Yeah, umm.... Well I'll tell you what happened there. Back in America I used to date him. We dated for hmmm... About 1 1/2 years, then my mum sent me here. I broke it off with him and was enjoying being single. Then my manager started trying to hook me up with someone, and Nate happened to be the one that he set me up with. We were talking and then he asked what part of America I was from and it turned out we were from the same small town. That's when u told him who I was." he raised an eyebrow, "How did he not recognize your name, I mean it's all over!" I laugh, "I changed my last name when I moved here. I didn't want to stand out and I always hated it, love you mum but not your name." he laughed, "So he seems younger than you." I nod, "He is a year younger than me." he raises his eyebrows, "Let's see he has messy brown hair, a year younger than you, and is about the same height as Harry Styles." the crowd roars. "Nate is attractive, and so is Harry. You would have to be blind not to notice how attractive they are." he laughs, "I actually heard that you've kissed a member of the band." I laugh and lightly blush, "I have kissed someone from the band..." he smiles and turns to the camera, "And we will find out who after this short brake." the on air sign goes off and Allen turns to look at me, "So, you and Harry? Is it true he has a big penis?" I choke on my drink, "I wouldn't know, I'm not involved with him like that." he raises an eyebrow, "But you wish you were, right?" I laugh, "I think Harry is attractive and has a very nice personality, any woman would be luck to call him hers." he smirk, "You fancy him don't you?" I smile and look down, "He is a great person." he smirked, " That's not an answer." I blush and take a sip, "Yes I do fancy him." the crowd gasp and then the in air sign flashes on, "Welcome back, I have the wonderful Charlotte Brandy! Later one direction will be joining us."

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