Naturally A Fighter

Annalise is sick... she lives in an hospital room not knowing the amazing town or country she is in... untill someone randomly burst into her room. She is taught how to enjoy living and not just existing.... THey give her a reason to live... but is it too late? Is there enough life left in her to fight the chemo?


4. Miss, a Kiss?

I woke up to a silent room. There was no doctors,  no beeping, no Rachel, and no sound. At first I thought I died, but then I saw the clock. 6:00 am. I sigh and slid out of the bed, and go to take off the heart monitor that I've been wearing for the past week to realize that the nurse did after I fell asleep.... That meant one of two thing.... And I just hope it wasn't the one I thought it was. I slip into the shower and get cleaned up, leaving Zayn's clothes folded on the sink. I step out if the shower being greeted by cool air.

I quickly get dressed in a pair of jeans and a white v neck short sleeve shirt. I touch my head wondering what my hair would turn out to be... Did the chemo change the color? Am I ever going to see my hair again? I sigh again and push away the negative thoughts."Today I will laugh and enjoy my time with the guys. I will simply forget I'm dying and have fun." I promised my self. It was the start of my everyday routine. I would make a promise then I would wash my face and brush my teeth and floss. I might be dying but when I die I don't want a bunch of acne or yucky teeth. Rachel thought it was funny that I still did things like that but in all honesty I was still a teenage girl.

After finishing my routine it was 7 and I called Zayn, "Hello?" his voice was muffled and it had that morning sound to it. That mixed with his accent just sounded completely amazing, "Hey Zayn, did I wake you up?" I heard the covers moving on his bed as he moved around, "No I've been up." I laugh, "Really? Then why can I hear you in your bed and the sleepiness in your voice?" I heard him laugh, "ok you caught me, but I was gonna get up soon." I laugh again, "Ok do you mind me walking over? It would take me about 15 minutes..."

He cut me off, "No I'll be there in 10." the line went dead and I looked at my phone, "Ok see you then..." I muttered sarcastically. I sat down in the chair and got on my twitter. I didn't get in much except to talk to the kids I used to go to school with. I thanked all the people wishing me to get better and locked my phone. A minute later Zayn walked in, "hey." I stand up smiling, "Hey." his hair was quickly brushed but still looked perfect as always and I could tell he picked out his outfit quickly but if corse looked like he walked off a runway.

He smiled his million dollar smile and jerked his head pulling my arm, "Come in the boys don't know your coming so I can show you a few places quickly. I'll even buy you another coffee because it's my fault you couldn't finish yours." I laugh an walk with him. We hop into the car and he drives down a big road, "Where are we going?"

He smirked at me but said nothing. I sigh and lean back relaxing. Once we stopped Zayn got out and ran around to the other door and opened it for me, "Thank you." he smiled, "Bo problem love." he closed the door and we walked in the light rain, "Is it me or every time I go out with you we end up getting soaking wet and I have to wear your clothes...." he smirked. I look over his shoulder to see the Thames river and a big bridge and the clock tower in the background.  We turn to face each other and I look at his lips, slowly getting closer to mine.

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