Naturally A Fighter

Annalise is sick... she lives in an hospital room not knowing the amazing town or country she is in... untill someone randomly burst into her room. She is taught how to enjoy living and not just existing.... THey give her a reason to live... but is it too late? Is there enough life left in her to fight the chemo?


2. Meeting the rest of.... them

The flashes became quicker as he put his arms around me and slowly started movie out of the crowds saying to the people we past, "Sorry we have to go." "I'm sorry I can't right now." in his cute accent. We stepped out of the crowd and he stared walking one way but I remembered Rach telling me of a small cafe, "Hey zayn, um... Well.." he laughed, "You can tell me." I blush and quickly say, "My friend Rachel knows this small cafe off of St. James street close to Townsend road."

He laughs and nods , "Yeah I know the place, it has good coffee and tea. Want to go there?" I nod and lean my head on his shoulder as we walk there. In 10 minutes we were in the small cafe. I sat down at a small table by the window. He grabbed us some drinks and a piece of carrot cake and he sat down in front of me. "So tell me about yourself." I laugh lightly, "Let me think. I am from Texas in America. I was diagnosed when I was 14 and I was sick of my dad and grandparents throwing around their money so me and my cousin and best friend Rachel cam here. My mother died I cancer when I was 4 and I have an older brother."

He nods, "I'm sorry about your mother." I nod, "I've gotten over it. Thank you though." he nods, "Well that good." he gave me a light smile, "You said you were in a band, and with the huge crowd I'm guessing your famous. Are you the one from the x factor that I hear a lot of the nurses and people talking about?" he lightly smiles, "We are from x factor, um... Does that bother you?" I laugh and shake my head, "I'm not shallow, I've gotten to know you and your a sweet guy. Just because millions of girls want to be with you doesn't makeme not." he smile and I lightly blushed, "well that nice to..." his phone cut him off. He looked up to me and I nod. He picks it up, "Hello?.... Harry? Harry, what's going on?.... Talk slower... Um ok I'll see what I can do.... Yeah I'll hurry..."

He hung up and looked at me, I smile, "Zayn I understand if you have to go. I'll just go back to the hospital."  he frowned, "no I want to ask if you wanted to come with me to get my gum out of Louis hair." I laugh, "sure I'll help." I saw a look on his face as we grabbed our coffee and started walking to his home. It started to lightly sprinkle. "Just because I don't have hair now doesn't mean I don't know anything about it. I had it for 14 1/2 years and I take knots out o Rachel's hair all the time."

He laughed, "No I wasn't thinking that, I was thinking knowing Lou this is a big terrible mess." I grab his hand and start to run. He laughed as it started to rain heavily. He showed me where to go as we got to his house in about 10 minutes. We were both drenched. We walk into the apartment drenched, "Remind me to never run with coffee and you again." he laughed taking off his soaked jacket leaving his see through white t-shirt. I looked away blushing and shivering. He put his arm aroundme, "come on I'll grab you some of my clothes."

He walked into a plain room that was clean. He handed me a pair of sweatpants and a black tank top. I took off my pants as he was picking them out and turned around to see my in my bra and underwear. I blushed and turned around, "I'm sorry!! I totally forgot.... I don't even know why I did that." I laughed at the end an then I heard his and I just burst out laughing. Once we both started to breathe again he said, "Um I still have the clothes." I turn around to see him turned around facing the corner. I walk up to him and grab them out if his hands. I slip on his pants an tie them a little lose. The strings were long and I put on his shirt and smiled, "You smell good." I then blush again as he laughs."thanks." he turns around and smiles, "you look cute."

I blush and look down, "Let's get that gum out of Lou's hair." he nods and we walk out of his room and down the hall I his apartment to another. I step in behind Zayn to see two boys sitting at a table, both their heads stuck together. One had curly brown hair and the other straight. "Hey Zayn grab a jar a peanut butter.. You have that right? He nods and walks into the kitchen area. I walk over to the boys and sit down, "Hello, you must be Louis and Harry." the boys awkwardly smile, "it's nice to meet you.I'm Louis" says the one with straight hair. Zayn walks up and hands me the jar, "Neither one of you is allergic are you?"

They shake their heads then yelp. I put it on the hair surrounding the gum. I work it out as Louis tells us how it happened, "Well Harry was chewing it then he blew a bubble and it fell out if his mouth into his hair. He tried to get it out then called you Zayn, and in the 20 minutes it took you to get here he slipped and hit his head against mine and we got stuck." I pulled it out without a single yelp from either one. "There you guys go, your both gum free. If you would like I can get the little knots out with a little conditioner and a comb. Lou jumps up and runs to the bathroom. Harry looked at me, "What type?"

I smile at him, "Kidney..." he nods, "Thank you for the help. I hope it gets better." Lou comes back and I get the knots out of both of their hair. They thank me and Zayn. Zayn grabs my hand and says, "Come on I think our coffees cold, and I still have the rest if the day with you." I smile and walk with him to his apartment. We step in and he puts a movie in. I see the name and gasp. I lean agains his chest and close my eyes. My hands on his chest too. "Anna, it isn't that scary," he laughs making my head move, "protect me!!" he laughs and wraps his arms around me. We get into the movie and I let out a quite yawn and lean my head on his shoulder.

I must have doused off because I open my eyes to see a guy standing in front of me with light brown hair. "I'm Liam. It's nice to meet you Annalise." I smile and yawn standing up and stretching. One thing I hated about chemo, you get really tiered.  I smile, "You must've been the one who went with him to the hospital." he nods the his smile drops, "Zayn we lost Niall...." Zayn jumps up, "We have to go find him." i walk over to the door and say, "Are you coming or not? We have to find an Irish boy." Zayn and Liam looked at each other then followed me.

Zayn walked past me grabbing my hand and pulled me to a car. He hops into the driver seat an I look at Liam he smiles, "I'll sit in the back." I smile at him and slide in the seat. Zayn starts to drive an I gasp as he gets on the left side, "Sorry just not used to driving on the left... Haha." Zayn and Liam laughed. Zayn hand was sitting on the center conceal an I grabbed it.

He looked at me and I smiles and lightly blushes then looked away. We pulled up to the hospital and I started to get out of the car when he grabbed pulled me back in, "Hey can I put my number in your phone so we can talk." I nod and give it to him and tell him my number. I get out I the car and we split up.

I was a hall away from my room when I ran into someone. "Sorry." a boy said in an Irish accent. I look up at him, "your  Niall!!! come on Zayn and Liam are looking for you!" I pull out my phone and call him, "I found him. Come to my room." I hear a scream from down the hall and one thought crossed my mind, 'Rachel!!'

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