Naturally A Fighter

Annalise is sick... she lives in an hospital room not knowing the amazing town or country she is in... untill someone randomly burst into her room. She is taught how to enjoy living and not just existing.... THey give her a reason to live... but is it too late? Is there enough life left in her to fight the chemo?


5. Is this really good-bye?

Right before his lips touch mine, his phone burst out ringing. I sigh and step back. He gives me an apologetic look before he answered, "Hello.... Yeah.... Yeah.... I'm on my way..." he sighs an hangs up the phone, "The boys are up and looking for us. We better go."I nod and walk with him to the car. I spent the day with him, then a week and the week turned into a month, but the moment in the rain at the river never happened again.

I had really gotten to know the boys and spent a lot of time outside the hospital. Zayn and Liam actually took me to the London eye one day. Zayn and I went swimming, and I should him how to swim. Niall and I got in a food fight and Harry walked in and made us clean up his kitchen. Liam and I got revenge on Louis by putting Flour in his hairdryer. Rachel even joined us when we all went to an amusement park. 

I woke up today and got dressed like I have everyday for the past month I've known the boys. Though I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach today wasn't going to be like yesterday. The doctors walked in a few minutes later and I felt tear in my eyes, "Annalise, I have to tell you this before you leave.... You have no more cancer. Chemo is over." I fall down on my knees balling my eyes out, "I'm healthy?" the nod.

I stand up and wrap my arms around him, "Thank you doc." Zayn walked in and they left leaving us alone, "What's wrong Anna?" I smile and whisper, "I am healthy, I'm not dying." he face turns into complete joy as he gives me a huge huge, "I am so happy for you. Now you can go with us." I pull away from him "What?" his smile faltered but he said, "Me and the boys have to go on tour, now that your healthy you can come with."

I shake me head, "I can't, I have weekly check ups and I have Rachel here, I can't leave her..." he smile fell, "The tour is 9 months though." the world was cruel, to give me time to live then take away the one I wanted to spend this new time with. "I'll call you a lot, and we can properly see each other ever once in a while. Apart from that it was nice knowing you Zayn." 

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