Naturally A Fighter

Annalise is sick... she lives in an hospital room not knowing the amazing town or country she is in... untill someone randomly burst into her room. She is taught how to enjoy living and not just existing.... THey give her a reason to live... but is it too late? Is there enough life left in her to fight the chemo?


3. getting to know Anna

I run to my room Niall right behind me. I get to the room to see Rachel on the floor pasted out and Liam and Zayn looking at each other. I laugh lightly, "She always the one to freak out." The guys laughed. "Put her on the bed...." Zayn grabbed my hand, "Your tired, you should sleep." I smile and kiss his cheek, "I will when we  explain why 3/5 of her favorite band are in my hospital room."

He blushed and nodded. I walk into the bathroom and grab a glass of water. "Zayn do you mind grabbing the small bag by my bed?" I heard a shuffle then saw him walk in. I open it and pull out 8 bottles. "Do you mind opening them? It's getting harder lately." he smiles and open them. "I don't mind, I'm always here to help you." I smile and take out all my pills. Over the years taking 10 pills at once was easy. Zayn put in the lids and put them in the bag. I wrap my arms around him and whisper, "Thank you for being there for me. It means a lot." my voice was muffled by my face in his hard chest. "I know I met you today but I'll always be here for you."

I heard Rachel's familiar moan before she wakes up. I pull away and run into the room. "Hey Hun, how you holding up?" she smiled, "That my question to ask you..." I laugh and pat her shoulder, "And it still is. Rachel I would like for you to meet Niall, Liam, and Zayn." she smiled kind of shaken, "Um... Haha... Hi..." Zayn stepped forwards, "It's nice to meet you. Anna speaks highly of you." she blushed, then looked at me, "Anna?" it was my turn to blush as she said that.

My mother was the only one who called me Anna my entire life, and once she passed no one dared to say it. Until now. The boys hung around for awhile, all of us getting to know each other. "I threw a TV out a window when I was six." Zayn said. We all started laughing at each others childhood stories. I let out a silent yawn and Zayn stood up. I shone my head about to protest but he smiled and said, "I'll see you tomorrow. I'm taking you around town." the guy complained, "We want to see her too."

I laugh, "How about we go to your apartment, I have to get my clothes anyways." the guys agreed then left quickly due to Zayn. I jump up quickly, "Wait!" Zayn turns back and jogs to me, "Yeah?" I give him a kiss in the cheek and hug him, "See you tomorrow." he smiles and kisses my cheek, "see you then." I close the door behind him an turn around to see the 'Rachel' look. I sigh, "Yes Rachel?" she shrugs, "I just don't see why you don't ask him out, I mean you clearly like him and he likes you why don't you just take the first step?" I sigh and blush, "I don't like him and he doesn't like me and even if u did like him he wouldn't like a charity case like me."

She sighs, "I wish you saw yourself through my eyes... You are the strongest person I know and anyone would be lucky to even know you." I smile slightly, still down about the realization that I'm just a charity case in his eyes. "Goodnight rach, would you like to come with me tomorrow?" she shakes her head, "I have work, maybe later." I nod and slide into my bed.

She pats my shoulder and says her goodbyes before leaving me alone in my bed. I closed my eyes and prayed... Lately that was all I could do... The doctors weren't sure if I would make it past the chemo... I felt the walls around my heart crumble as tears came flooding out of my eyes. I cried myself to sleep with one last thought, "What did I do to get cancer?"

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