Naturally A Fighter

Annalise is sick... she lives in an hospital room not knowing the amazing town or country she is in... untill someone randomly burst into her room. She is taught how to enjoy living and not just existing.... THey give her a reason to live... but is it too late? Is there enough life left in her to fight the chemo?


6. 7 months later....

I was laying on the kitchen counter playing with my now shoulder length hair. It grew very fast and a lot in the past 7 months, "Anna!!! Get in here!" I hop off the counter and run into the living room. "What..." I see the boys on the TV. " I am dating some one." Louis said. "I am too," Liam said. "So you three are single?" Harry and Niall nodded but Zayn sat there, "Zayn?" the host asked. My heart started beating fast as he looked up from his hands into the camera, "Um... I can't really describe my relationship..." the boys smiled, "He is taken, he just won't ask her." Louis stated.

"I haven't seen her in 7 months, I don't even know what she looks like anymore." the host just sat there watching them quibble back and forth. "Well of course I love her!" Zayn yelled standing up. I gasped, "Do you think he's talking about me?" Louis smirks and Zayn sits down quickly, "I am sorry..." the host cut him off, "If you love her then why aren't you together?" I saw him take a deep breath, "She needed to stay back in London, it's been 7 months and two and a half weeks today."

The guy raised his eyebrows, "You've been on your for 7 months today though, you didn't see her when you left?" he shook his head, "No when I asked her to come she said she couldn't. I knew it was a long shot but after I asked her she said goodbye and walked me to the door. I then spent two weeks in the complex packing and getting ready." Harry laughs, "And trying to call her." Zayn looks down, "Well I started too but I couldn't dial her, she said goodbye but I didn't."

The host frowned, "Well give her a call, I know if I didn't chase after my girl I wouldn't be married and a soon to be father." Zayn nods and smiles, "I will after." I stand up an walk into my room. I was about to turn off my phone when it rang... I looked at it. Rachel ran in the room diving ontop of me gabbing it, "Hello? .... Yes.... Oh this is Rachel, we saw the interview... Oh, um.... Let me see if she's here." I quickly shook my head not wanting to tell him. Rach sighed, "Hey I'm sorry she must have left her phone when she went out for her run. When she gets back I will tell her you phoned her.... Ok Goodbye Zayn."

She hangs the phone up, "Annalise, he just admitted on world wide telly he loved you! And what do you do?! You have your cousin LIE to him!! If you don't go right now then I will!!" I grab my phone and walk out the door. The boys were here, in London. They had a little break and so they came her and I guess Paul set up an interview. I walk over to their complex and push past the screaming girls to security, "Hello my name is Annalise, I am a friend of the boys I need to speak with them. The guy gave me a look and I pulled my phone out and handed it to him, "Call any one of the boys and they will say I know you."

They guy let me threw without dialing any of them. I starlet to his door and lean my head quietly against the door. I sigh, how do I tell him. "Can I help you?" I turn around to see Liam, "Liam, hey I'm Annalise." his eyes grow big, "Your hair grew fast...." I nod looking down, "Yeah, to bad it won't be that way for long..." I saw the look of sadness, "Are you sure?" I nod tears in my eyes. I blink them back, "I just came to tell Zayn, but I am just gonna... Yeah.." I started walking away but he grabbed my arm and nicked on the door. I see the door slowly open and see Zayn standing there, "Anna?"

I nod and see Liam start to walk away. "It was a mistake coming here... I have to go..." I tried to walk away but he grabbed my wrist, "No wait... We have to talk.... Do you want to come in?" I sigh and nod, knowing if I don't tell him Liam will. I step into his condo and he closes the door behind me. "So what are you doing her?" I look down, "I have to tell you something, and if I didn't come today then Rachel would and I thought you would want to find out from me." he looks confused, "Anna, what are you saying?" I look at him with tears in my eyes, "I went for a check up and they found something.... In my kidney they worked on, they found some more stuff.... I have cancer."

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