A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


15. What Happened Yesterday


I looked over at Meleana, she looked so beautiful with the wind blowing through her hair. Why couldn't she see that I loved her? "I can't believe you guys did that to us!" Meleana said. Harry and Morgan laughed hysterically. "I agree with lovely Meleana over there, you had me very worried. So naughty of you." I said. "I was worried at first because my mom would kill me, but it wasn't really that bad once I knew what was going on. It was just a joke, it was funny." Meleana said. I looked down, I just made myself look like a fool. How will Meleana ever know how I feel? 


I felt kind of bad for like correcting Liam like that. I knew he liked me, everyone kept telling me. I could feel the tension between us in the car as we drove home. I mean yeah, Liam is sweet and all and very beautiful but the truth is, I was in love with Harry Styles. The way his curls blew in the wind. The way he smiled. His beautiful green eyes. Oh! And his dimples. I loved his dimples. Every time he smiled my stomach filled with butterflies. I never told anyone this and never will but yesterday everyone went outside to play a game off soccer and Harry and I went inside for a drink. I couldn't help but stare at his topless body. He was so perfect. "And what might you be staring at?" Harry said taking a drink of water. I blushed, "I uh... I.. nothing." "mmhmmm" he said as he winked at me. He walked closer to me, I could feel my face get pink. He stopped our bodies 6 inches away. "You are so gorgeous" I thought in my mind. Well I thought I said it in my mind because Harry replied with "You are so beautiful." After that I lost control and kissed him with so much passion on the lips, I could've sworn I felt sparks. After I realized what I was doing I quickly broke away. I didn't even look at him before I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in. I could still taste his lips on mine. I couldn't believe what I had done, Morgan was my friend. The guilt was building up inside me. I snapped back to reality as we pulled into the drive way. I got out and bumped into Harry. "Sorry love" he said. I walked back to the house, never looking back and without saying a word. I don't know if I can ever let go of this guilt. I know I needed to tell Morgan, but how?

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