A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


13. The Tape

~Ariana'sPOV!~ He fell to the ground, I watched as the blood poured out of his chest. Well I should probably start from the beginning. He put in the tape and it showed the inside of a grocerie store. It was so peaceful and quiet. There were a couple of customers there. Then all of a sudden two girls run into the store. One is carrying a baseball bat and the other a fucking pizza cutter. I look closer and see that the two girls are me and Morgan. Morgan is carrying a bat and I'm carrying the pizza cutter. "What the hell!?" I scream " this isn't me I swear! I just got here like three days ago!" "shut up and watch the tape" the officer said I fell silent and continued to watch. Me and Morgan were tearing up the store. Then Harry and Louis run in and they're both carrying guns. "Alright everybody get down!" they screamed. Everyone in the store fell to the ground. Six other people came into the store Niall, Charis, Meleana, Liam, Lexi, and Zayn. They're all carrying knives. Zayn runs and grabbs a little girl of the ground and holds a knife to her throat. She starts crying and Liam says. " Alright if you don't put all your money in a pile right now she dies and so do all of you." everyone begins to throw their money into one big pile. The cashier empties the counter and Niall yells" Alrighf ladies, boys, let the fun begin." next thing I know Morgan is beating the shit out of customers with a baseball bat. I'm freakin slicing body parts of and people are bleeding to death and guns are fireing everywhere. Then something horrifuc happens I watch as Liam slowly and harshly slits that poor little girls throat. The tape ends and everything falls silent. "would you like to explain this to me?" the officer asks. "that's not us I swear Liam says." "tell it to the judge" next think I knowers handcuffed and sitting in a jailcell. I hear footstepps and look up I see two camera men and the officer. "What's going on we all asked?" "oh these two gentlemen wanted to interview... The celebrity stars of Pranked." the officer said.
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