A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


3. The Q and the A

~Lexi's POV!~
It's strange how you can be so excited for something you don't even know is gonna happen or not. That's how I felt as I walked home from school that day. I really wanted my mom to say yes but I don't know if she will. As I walked home I rehearsed how I was going to as her. Kind of like in movies where people stand infront of mirrors. You know practicing asking people out or whatever. Except I have no mirror and I'm not asking someone out. I'm asking for a ride to Washington to go see the greatest band alive at there CD signing. Yeah that's right One Direction! I would say "Mom, did you that there is a 1D CD signing in Washington next week?" I could say that and go from there. Or I could say "Hey mom I love you! And I promise I'll make you breakfast in bead for the next month!" hmmm I thought well bribing works especially with breakfast in bead. Well for my mom anyway. Yeah I think I'll try that! I snapped back to reallity when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I guess I had stopped walking when I was thinking of what to say and was just standing on the sidewalk like an idiot. I turned around to see who tapped on my shoulder. It was Cody. Cody Kriner. I used to have a crush on this kid but only for like a month or two. I thought he would just walk right past me, but no the little twerp decides to stop and chat! "Hey, why are you standing on a sidewalk? You looked possessed!" he said "I was looking at something." I lied "Yeah? What's that?" I turned around yo find something interesting to look at, but all that was there was a penny. I picked it up anyways and said "This penny, see its my lucky day!" he got a strange look on his face and said "mmmmhmmmm" "It's true! If you find a penny it's your lucky day!" "yeah I know how the whole thing works." I gave him a weird look because I didn't know what to say. To my relief the next thing hr said was "Well I have to go so uh Bye." "Bye." I said then I continued to walk. I crossed the street then walked down the road to my house. Inside I heard the dogs barking. I have two yellow labs named Max and Duke. Then I have a chocolate lab named Bear. I walked through the door and found that my mother wasn't home only my older sister, Angie, was. I asked her "Where's Mom?" "She went to Martino's for geroceries." "okay." I said but inside I was really thinking "That's a first." I love my mom though, we may not have full cupboards but she still is the best mom ever! I sit down at the computer while I wait for her to get home. I have a new notification on facebook. It's from Charis she said "hey text me when you ask your mom! Xx" I replied "I will!xx" I have no idea why she wouldn't just text me. I heard a car pull up to my house. "yes my mom!" I thought. She walked through the door with five bags of groceries. I help her carry them to the kitchen then she says that she wants to talk to me. "oh no" I thought "this is never good." we go out to the living room and she says "Lexi, I love you and I feel like you never get to do anything so I thought that next week I could drive you and four other friends to Washington DC because One Direction Is having a CD signing there. And don't complain about more friends because that's all my van will fit." "Really Mom!? I can't believe it! I love you I love you I love you!" "your welcome Lex don't make me change my mind though." I won't I promise! Then she got up and started to cook dinner. I grabbed my phone and ran up to my room and texted Charis, Meleana, Morgan, and Ariana the good news they all replied with "Yay!" after that I relized If Cody never would have been there I never would have found that penny and I wouldn't have been so lucky! I guess this really is my lucky day!
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