A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


4. Nandos

"Bye Mom! I love you!" I said as I walked down the steps to Lexi's moms car. When my mom had said yes I was so surprised. I immediately ran and gave her what felt like a five minute hug. Then I ran up stairs and packed my stuff. Washington is an eight hour drive from where we live. We decided to go a day early and stay in a hotel. When I got to the van Lexi was up front Ariana and Meleana were in the middle seats so I sat in the back with Charis. When I sat down she said to me "Are you as excited as I am?" "Yes! Finally I get to meet my dream boyfriend!" she gave me a look and said "And who would that be?" as if implying I ment Niall. She is so unloved with him. "Don't worry I mean Harry!" a big smile came across her face and she started talking to Ariana. I turned to Meleana and asked "So? Who are you most excited to meet?" "Harry! That boy has looks!" she said. I laugh and in my British accent say "Hey! He's mine!!!!" I must have said it louder than I thought cause everyone including Lexi's mom bursts out laughing.
When we get to Washington the first thing we do is go to the hotel and decide who is sharing a room with who. Lexi goes with me and Charis, Meleana, and Ariana go with each other. Lexi's mom wants to be alone. Once we have all unpacked our stuff we get in the van and drive around for some place to eat. Whe Bev(Lexi's mom) asks us where we want to eat Charis automatically says "Nandos!" we all agree and when we get there were all so excited! Lexi walks in the door then completely freezes. Charis is behind her and must have saw what she was looking at because she stops to. I try to look and see but Lexi is to tall. I give her a nudge and she walks forward. Then I see it I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Right there in the same room as me was One Direction! I grab Charis's arm and shake it she says "I know I know". The waiter directs us to the other large table right next to there's. I take the seat closest to Harry and Charis takes the seat closest to Niall. I look over at Harry and he is smiling at me! I can't believe it! I tell Charis to pinch me incase I'm dreaming she does. Boy did it Hurt! I scream, loud to! I'm glaring at Charis when her eyes get BIG! Then I feel u sudden tap on my shoulder. I look behind me and there he is looking greater than ever, Harry Styles. "Are you okay love? That was quite a scream." "Uh yeah! I'm fine! My friend Charis pinched me is all" he looked at her and said " Why did you pinch her?" "she told me to!" she said Harry then laughed. He is so cute when he laughs! "What's your name love?" he asks "Morgan. It's nice to meat you!" "It's lovely to meet you Morgan! I'm Harry" "I know." I replied we talked for what seemed like ever so did the other girls and the rest of One Direction. Then we had to leave. I want expecting what happens next neither were the other girls. They all gave each of us hugs and kisses on the cheeks. This was Definatley the best day ever! When we left I relized that u forgot to tell Harry and the rest if the boys that I would see them tomorrow.
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