A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


8. Lexi+Louis

~LouisPOV!~ All I can say is wow. She is amazing! With her beautiful brown hair and sparkling green eyes. I had my arm around Lexi while we were on the Tilt A' Whirl. I leaned to the left and we went flying in circles. She screamed and do did I. Then we just Burst into laughter. She is so cute when she laughs. I wish I could just stay here and hold her forever.

~LexiPOV!~ He was sweet everything I imagined. And now I'm on a date with him. The ride came to a slow and we stepped out. "So, what next?" I asked "Well, I kinda wanted to go in the fun house" he said with a cute puppy face I laughed and said "Let's go!" we made our way through the fun house trying not to step on little children we got to the slide and Louis went down first. Then I sat down on it and "Come on hurry up!" a five year old said behind me. I laughed and felt a push in my back. He pushed me down the slide he pushed me! When I got to the bottom I looked at the kid. He stuck his tongue out at me and I did the same back. Then I felt myself being dragged away by Louis. "Hey, no fighting with children!" he joked we decided to go on the umbrellas next and when we sat down he grabbed my hand. "Just incase one if us gets scared" he laughed. I laughed to and the ride started the song "Payphone" played as we went around in circles we sang along with it.

"i'm at a Payphone trying to call home

All of my change I spent on you

Where have the times gone baby

It's all wrong where are the plans

We made for two?

If happy ever after did exist

I would still be holding you like this

All those fairy tales are full of sh*t

One more fu**ing love song

I'll be sick. Now I'm at a Payphone"

When the song ended we waited till we got to the bottom and climed out. Still holding hands. "So, where to next?" he asked I pointed to the free fall and we raced to he ride. He beat me by about five seconds. We caught our breath and got on the ride he grabbed my hand and said "You might have to protect me on this one." I laughed and we started going up and we got half way there and stopped. All the sudden we unexpectedly dropped all the way down. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH" we both screamed as loud as possible. We stated going up and we were laughing again. This time we went all the way to the top. When we stopped we imedietly stopped laughing and waited. Whoosh down it went faster than ever we screamed louder than anyone on the ride. It did that about two more times. When the ride ended we were laughing. "Fariswheel next?" Louis asked. I stopped laughing and looked down "you don't like the Fariswheel?" he asked I shook my head no. I'll hold your hand and hug you the whole time" he said I said okay and we went to the Fariswheel. When we got on he asked "So why don't you like it?" "I'm afraid it's gonna come off and were gonna roll away" he chuckled and I smiled the ride started moving and I let out a whimper. He held me tighter as we got closer to the top. When we made it to the top the rude stopped. "Technical difficulties everyone it's okay" the man shouted from the ground. I started panicking saying "We're all gonna die." to Louis. And squeezing him tight. I could feel the tears come out of my eyes. He looked at me and whipped them away with his thumbs. "shh shh" he said "It's all right cupcake." "cupcake?" I asked. "yes your my girlfriend and I call you cupcake or better yet carrot cake!" he said excitedly. I smiled at the fact I was his girlfriend. The ride started moving and we eventually got off. We made our way to Louis's car and started driving home in silence. Not an awkward silence but a rather comfortable silence. We got to his house and I saw Meleana and Liam asleep on the couch and as I walked to Louis's room I saw Ariana and Zayn asleep in Zayn's room and Charis and Niall asleep in Niall's room. I got to Louis's room and layed down on the bed. With him next to me. Then I remembered my mom. "Hey mom, everyone kinda fell asleep. Mind if we stay the night?" I texted. "buzzzzz." I opened the message " You can but like I said BE CAREFUL love you night Lexi." "Night love you to mom." I pressed send then closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with Louis's arm around me.
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