A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


2. Last day of school

I get out of bed slowly and begin to go through my clothes. "I have no idea what to wear." I thought to myself. Finally I decided on a blue strapless shirt with a belt in the middle of it. Then I put on a pair if capris. As im brushing my hair and putting on a little makeup, I hear my mother yell up the stairs, " Charis get up! It's time for school!" I yell back "I am up!" two minutes later I walk down stairs to the kitchen. I say to my mom "I thought you had work." "I got the day off." she said. "Okay, well then I'm gonna go catch the bus." "Do you want a ride?" she said. "No, I'll just ride the bus with Morgan." We said goodbye to each other then I walked out the door. When I get to the bus stop Morgan isn't there yet so I just stand and wait for her. A couple minutes later she walks out the door. She is wearing a pink dress that flows at the bottom, but is tight at the top. Her shoes are white flats with sparkles on them. The first thing she says to me when she arrives is "Look at my dress! It's awesome right?" "it's great! It's not something I would wear to school, but it's nice." I say. "I love your shirt!" Morgan says. "Thanks!" The bus arrives a few minutes later and we get on. We choose seat number 8 because it's the only one open. When we get to the school we see Lexi, Meleana, And Ariana waiting for us like they always do. Lexi had on a shirt quite similar to mine only hers was green. Meleana was wearing a pink mustache shirt and her mustache glasses. Ariana was wearing a lime green dress with matching sandles. We all walk to Lexi's locker. Mostly because hers is in the seventh grade hallway and we like it there better. We all walked to breakfast together. We all had the same thing because today was Friday and we were having breakfast pizza. We sat down at our usual table and as soon as Meleana sits down the first words to pop out of her mouth are "Did you guys hear? One Direction is doing a CD signing in Washington DC, we should go!" "My sister lives there" I say. "Do you think your mom would take us?" Ariana says. "I doubt it. Lexi what about your mom? She was willing to take us to the concert this July. You should ask her." I say. "She might! I'll ask her when I get home." "yay!" we all say together. We dump our trays then go to our first period class. The periods seemed to go by really slow. By the time lunch rolled around I was exhausted. I was starving. I had ten dollars left in my acount and I didn't want to waste it so I got enough food and used it all. When I sat down a our table Ariana and Meleana were the only ones there. They both looked at me then looked at my tray and said, "Hey Niall!" I laughed and replied "I'm hungry!" Lexi sat down and said "Holy poopers that's a lot of food!" after that Morgan sat down and tried to steal a frenchfry so I threatened to bite off her hand as a punishment. After lunch I went to Algebra. I talked to Ryan a little then I got bored with him and talked to Katie. She doesn't like One Direction so we just talked about what we were doing this summer. Eighth period I had Mr. Smith and Ariana is in my class so me and her talked about One Direction and how we really hope Lex's mom says yes. I stayed in Mr. Smiths for ninth period. He played music and he was taking requests and Layken requested "What Makes You Beautiful." The guys in the class made fun of One Direction. They obviously have no good taste in music. Before we knew it the bell rang and school was over! I walked out of the room to be greeted by Meleana we waited in the hallway for Lexi, Morgan, and Ariana then we all went outside to wait for our buses. Besides Lexi, she had to walk home. We all gave her a hug and said bye. When Ariana's bus came we gave her a hug to and said bye to her. Next it was me and Morgans bus to arrive we both hugged Meleana and got on the bus. We waved and shouted out the window untill the bus left. "I kind of feel bad for Melly(thats what we call her) she is all alone." says Morgan."Me too, but there's her bus!" I point to the bus coming towards us. We both smile and I text Meleana "Your bus is coming!" she replies with a "Yay!" when the bus gets to my stop I get off and wait untill Lexi calls.
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