A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


17. Fights Brake Out


I sat on the couch patiently waiting for Harry to come back. Well kind of patient, I'm not a very patient person. I was starting to get worried, it's been like 20 minutes since he went to the bathroom. "Where's Meleana?" I heard Liam say. "She went to her room, she said she wasn't in the mood for talking to anyone." Charis answered. "I hope she is okay!" Liam said in a kind of worried voice. He really cared about her. She knew it to. "Hey guys, where's Harry?" Niall said "He went to the bathroom." I said. "When, since we got home?" he said "Uhh, yeah actually." I said. "Morgan that was like 20 minutes ago!" Niall said. "I'm going to see if Meleana is okay" Liam said. "I'll go with you. And see what is taking Harry so long." I followed Liam into the hall but got a weird feeling when I saw that none of the bathrooms had anyone is in them. Then I noticed Meleana's door shut. Liam went to turn the handle but it was locked. What could she be doing? Liam then went back to the living room and came back with a key. He put the key in the handle and turned the lock. He turned the door knob slowly and then stopped. With a look of horror on his face. I tried to go in but he held me back. I eventually forced my way through. I saw what Liam was looking at. Harry and Meleana on her bed practically sucking off each others fucking faces. I looked at Liam and saw tears fill his eyes as he slowly backed away in shock. "What the hell?!?!" I yelled. Harry and Meleana broke away from each other and looked at me in shock. "Morgan it's not what it looks like." "How can it not be what it looks like? Your making out with my friend!" "Okay so maybe it is what it looks like but you have to let me explain." "I think you have explained enough by making out with her! and you Meleana! You were the last person I ever thought would do this!" "I'm so sorry Mor-" "Whats going on here!?" Zayn said walking into the room with Ariana. Louis and Lexi walked Liam back to the living room. "He cheated on me with my friend! That's whats going on here!" I said running out of the room tears streaming down my face.


Zayn sighed "Charis, Niall go see if she is okay." They walked down the hallway towards where Morgan ran. "Why'd you do it?" Zayn said. "Me and Morgan don't have the same connection me and Meleana do." I said. "What do you mean? You told Morgan you loved her." "I did. But then I realized that when I'm with Morgan, I'm just with another person. I don't feel like I can tell her anything. But when I'm with Meleana, I'm not with just another person, I'm with more than that because I know I can tell Meleana anything. And when I kiss Morgan, it's just another kiss to me. When I kiss Melana, I can feel sparks and it just feels right." "Wow, I understand that. Maybe your right. But you need to find a way to explain that to Morgan." "She won't listen to me." "Then I'll tell her." He went to walk away but I stopped him to add something else. "Make sure you tell her that none of this is Meleana's fault, I was the one saying how I feel to her. I was the one that kissed her." "I will." he said as he walked down the hallway. "Are you okay?" I asked Meleana. "Yeah, I just hope Morgan doesn't stay mad." "She will forgive you." Just then Liam walked in with puffy eyes from crying. I stood up and walked over to him. "Liam I am so sorry. I didn-" Before I could finish my sentence I felt a sudden pain on my face and heard Meleana yell. He punched me. Liam actually just punched me in the face. "Why did you  do that!?" "I loved her! And you know I did!!" He tackled me to the ground and scream at me. "Maybe I loved her too!" I yelled back rolling over and pinning him to the ground. "Your supposed to be Daddy Direction here! Violence is not the answer!" I screamed. He stopped fighting to get up and I got off of him. I looked at Meleana, she had a look of horror on her face. Everyone else was in the door way. "We need to talk about this." I said. "Okay, so lets talk about it. Why did you even do it?" Liam said. I sighed and told him everything I told Zayn. "I understand that, and I forgive you. But not completely. I'm still very hurt." "I know." "I guess should apologize too though. I'm sorry for punching you before you could explain anything." "it's okay." "I'll get an ice pack." Charis said with Niall following close behind her. Just then Morgan walked into the room "I understand too Harry. I get why you did it. Maybe we didn't have sparks when we kissed and maybe we don't click the way you and Meleana do. But you will always be beautiful and I will always love your music. But I am still angry. And Meleana, I'm sorry for yelling at you. None of this was your fault." "We can be friends right? Hanging out this summer won't be awkward right?" I said. "I guess we will still be friends. And no nothing will be awkward. Because, I'm going home."

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