A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


7. Double Date

~Meleana's POV!~ I have to admit I was jealous of Morgan. Running off with Harry in his red convertible. I liked Harry. He was nice, good looking, and a great singer. Then there was Niall with his adorable Irish accent, bleach blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. Charis was so lucky. "Are you okay love?" Liam asked me. I must've been staring cause he was waving his hands infront of my eyes. "Yeah I'm fine." I said. "So where are we going?" Ariana asked from the front seat. "I was thinking the Olive Garden." Zayn said with a smile. We all agreed and drive to the Olive Garden. We walked in and I saw like eight teenage girls. I expected mean glares and looks of jealousy but they all just happily waved at us. A few girls came over and asked for autographs one girl even asked for me and Ariana's. I had never really thought something like this would happen so I never really practiced my signature. Ariana on the other hand did. Her signature was so nice. I tried doing something like that but it didn't turn out the same. I didn't mind though. We walked to our table and ordered our food. After I was halfway done eating I excused myself to the bathroom and dragged Ariana with me. We got to the bathroom and I made sure nobody was in there then I said "Ariana, I don't like Liam." "What? It sounded like you said you didn't like Liam."
"I don't" I said
"How can you not like him? He likes you, don't you see the way he looks at you?"
I put my head down and mumble "I like Harry" "what" she said "I like Harry" I say louder. "well Harry is with Morgan, there's really nothing we can do." she says I shake my head yes as if to say I know then I walk out the door with Ariana behind me. We get back to the table and there's a bit of relief in their faces. "I'm glad your okay, we were starting to worry" Liam says with a smile looking into my eyes. I smile back then turn away trying to look like I like him to. I don't think it worked though because he gets a strange look on his face.
~Liam's POV!~ Is it something I said? I wondered. Does she not like me? All these thoughts ran into my head as I looked at her. She looked away when I smiled at her. What does that mean? You never really know with women. I watch her as she finishes her food then we all silently walk to the car.
~Meleana's POV!~ I feel like a jerk for looking away but Liam isn't the one. I don't think. We get to their house and it's really nice. As we walk into the living room I see Charis and Niall asleep on the couch. "I wonder what happened here" Liam says to me. He laughs and I giggle at the sight of Charis's head on Nialls Lap and him with fingers locked in hers. It's more cute than it is funny though. Ariana ran in and grabbed my arm then pulled me into a different room "Guess what!?" she said "What?" "Zayn just asked me out" "Did you say yes" I asked surprised. "Duh!" she said then ran back into the living room with everyone else. U thought about what she just told me then wondered if the same thing happened with Charis and Niall. Then I walked back into the room with everyone else. I saw Liam Carrying Charis into a bedroom I guessed was Niall's and Zayn woke up Niall and the First thing he said was "Wheres Charis?" "She is in your room. Why don't you go back to bed" Niall then got up and went back to his room I walked in to find them fast asleep again. I smiled at the sight then walked back to the living room with everyone else.
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