A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


9. Dinner and Movie? Sounds good!

~Harry'sPOV!~ "So how do you feel about dinner and movie?" I asked Morgan. "It sounds great! I'll check to see what's playing at the cinema." she said as the blew in her beautiful blonde hair. I processed what she said and stopped her. "Wait!" she looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes. "What?" she asked. "I thought we could go to my private theater." she smiled and said "uh uh o-okay!" I laughed. She is cute when she studders. "So do you wanna go to Taco Bell?" she asked "Yes! I love tacos!" I said excitedly. "Me to!" I can't believe it! She likes the stuff I like well tacos anyway but I'm sure by the end of the night I'll know all about her. Wait what goes first? Dinner or movie? Umm well I don't wanna look like a fool and do the wrong one first. I used to know this so well. I always planned my date! I've been on dates before but Morgan is different it has to be perfect. Im not gonna mess it up like this! I texted my friend Selena Gomez "Hey Selly I'm taking a girl on a date to dinner and a movie but which goes first dinner or movie?" I pressed send and waited. I looked at Morgan she was texting someone. Good now I won't feel weird. My phone vibrated and I looked at the screen "1 New Text Message Selly" I opened the message "haha Dinner of course! She will eat then fall asleep on your lap or chest while watching the movie with a full tummy! Good luck and have fun!" I texted back "Thanks." and headed for the Taco Bell. I pulled in the parking lot and we went inside. I got one hard shell and one soft shell. Morgan got two soft shells. I grabbed four hot taco sauces two for me and two for Morgan. We sat down at the table and waited for our food. "So Morgan, tell me about your self." she laughed and said "what do you wanna know?" "Everything." I reply. "Okay... Well my full name is Morgan Nicole Carol Hawley I'm five foot two I have natural blonde very thick hair I'm from Flordia but moved to Pennsylvania. I'm not allergic to anything but I'm terrified of clowns. Oh and my hair is naturally curly I just straightened it to come see you guys." "Wow I didn't expect that answer." I laughed and she did to. "Well tell me what you like to do love." "well I play softball, volleyball, and soccer I love to hang with my friends and listen to music." I smile at her response. "What about you Harry? Tell me about you." "well my full name is Harry Edward Styles I'm five foot ten I have amazing hair that nobody is allowed to touch except my girlfriend so you can. I have green eyes Im afraid of ever losing the boys and now you to. Oh I love soccer to. Oh I also think I'm in love with you." I thought to myself as I finished that was a little cheesy but it sure dud make her smile. They brought us out food and we started eating. She finished her first taco and said "So I'm your Girlfriend?" "Do you wanna be?" I asked
~Morgan'sPOV!~ He asked me out! He asked if I wanted to be his Girlfriend! Of course I do! Who wouldn't? "yes." I said not to excited. "great!" he said I picked up my taco and started eating. He started to eat to. He was so cute. I couldn't believe Harry Styles was sitting infront of me. Wait no I couldn't believe he asked me on a date! Wait no no no I couldn't believe he is my boyfriend! He was about halfway done with his taco when the sauce squirted on his shirt.
~Harry'sPOV!~ Great Harry just great! I thought to myself. She giggled when she saw it and I felt myself blush. She handed me a napkin and I wiped off the sauce the best I could. "Man! This is a good shirt." she put her hand on mine and said "We'll get a new one at the store" "I actually think I have one at the theater" she smiles and we finish eating. We then go to the car and drive to the theater. When we get there I grabb her hand and lead her inside. I tell the waiter to put on finding nemo and to get me a new shirt. He walks away and we walk into the theater place. We sit down in the middle seats and watch previews. The waiter comes in and hands me a new shirt I take off my dirty one and hand it to him. Then I put on my new one. The movie started and I cried at the part where Nemo's mom dies. Morgan sees and wipes away my tears with her thumbs then kisses me on the cheek. About halfway through the movie she falls asleep on my lap because we were actually on a couch. She did just as Selena said. She is so cute when she sleeps. I had to take a picture of her. I snappe the picture. And thought "I can't wait to show her in the morning how cute she is when she sleeps and then I thought she is all mine.
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