A Summer to Remember

When Best friends Charis, Meleana, Lexi,Morgan, and Ariana thought this was just going to be an ordinary summer vacation they were not prepared for what comes along. When they get to the one direction CD signing.


6. Charis's Date

We climed onto the bus and explored. There were multiple beds, a huge tv, and very comfortable leather couches and chairs. I climed into one of the beds. It was so comfy I didn't want to move or get out. "Charis what are you doing?" I heard Ariana say. "I'm just laying on the bed, they invited us on the bus! They're not gonna be upset!" "you don't know that for sure!" "just lay on the bed, trust me." she climed on to the bed and laid down. "this is so comfortable! Night now!" I laughed and listened to the sound of the crowd inside the mall while Lexi, Morgan, and Meleana got in the other beds. We all waited for One Direction to come out. I wondered what they wOuld think of me. Well us. I had my iPod in my pocket so I put the earphones in my ears and listened to the band I was about to spend the rest of the day with. I had gotten through four songs-Na na na, One thing, Moments, and Up all night- when I felt someOne crawl in the best beside me. I tried to turn around but a warm arm went around my waist before I could. I took out my headphones and set my iPod off to the side. "Hello love." he said in his cute accent. It was Niall. I replied with "Hi" then relized I was in his bed and felt bad. So I removed his arm from my waist and crawled out of the bed. I looked around but everyone else was gone. "Where'd everybody go?" I asked him. "well, they all went on a date." "a date?" I replied confused. "yeah, umm Harry took Morgan to dinner and movie, Louis took Lexi to an amusement park, Zayn Ariana Meleana and Liam went on a double date to who knows where. And I wanted to take you somewhere." He smiled as he said it. "okay." I smiled "where are we going?" "I thought I would surprise you" he grabbed a green piece of cloth and blindfolded me! I was shocked. I fell backward into his arms. Suddenly he picked me up and carried me to his car err um convertible I think. "Okay so you blind folded me and put me in a car that I don't even know what it looks like and now were going to an unknown destination. Should I be scared?" he laughs "Nooo I promise I won't let anything happen to you." I smile and he starts the car. We are there in 8 short minutes. He pulls into the driveway. I'm guessing I'm at his house. He opens my door and picks me up again. He carries me into the house then puts me down. "you can take off the blindfold now!" I take it off and I find that I'm standing inside his house and I learn that he has a pool on his house! "Were going swimming" he says with a smile."i don't have a swimsuit though." I frown. He runs back into another room and emerges wearing a swim trunks and has a swimsuit for me in his hand. "okay I'm not even going to ask why you have a girls swimsuit in your house." "I have my own personal gift shop." he hands me the swim suit and I go into the living room to put it on. I come back and he is already in the pool. He looks me and smiles. I jump into the water. It's so warm! He has a pool heater! Awesome! He swims over to me and we race. We tie. "wow fast swimmer love." he says. "yeah you to." we look into each others blue eyes and out of nowhere he kisses me! "what was ther for?" I ask he doesn't reply he just kisses me more. I kiss him back without a care in the world. Like everything is just happy and we were the only people in the world. We pull away and he hugs me tight. "Ding ding ding." Dinner!" says the waiter. We climed out if the pool and sit down at the table after drying off. I look at the plate "Spaghetti, my favorite." he smiles and says "I love spaghetti to!" "I love all foods" I laugh "we have so much in common!" he says "yeah I guess we do" "will you be my girlfriend?" "well, Niall I don't know you that well." he drowns and says fine " My name is Niall James Horan I'm 18 I'm from Mullingar, Ireland. I'm in the Band One Direction, my favorite color is green and I'm looking at the most beautiful girl ever your turn!" I laugh and say " My name is Charis Drew Martell I'm 14 i'm from Clearfield, PA I'm not currently in a band but I'm looking to be an actress, my favorite color is green and I'm looking at the most gorgeous guy and his beautiful eyes ever." he smiles and says "Girlfriend now? "yes." I smile we finish eating and go into the living room to watch tv. I lay in his Lap and fall peacefully of to sleep while he plays with my hair and the sound of "Grown Ups" and Niall laughing sings in my ears.
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