When I'm yours

When Peyton and her best friend Greyson move from California to Holmes Chapel Chesire they discover their next door neighbors are Harry styles and Niall Horan from a popular uk boy band named One Direction. Soon Harry and Niall are deeply in love with her. Peyton also falls for both of the boys. Eventually Niall and Peyton enter a relationship. Their relationship is full of obstacles that lead to good and bad things. Peyton is caught with Harry multiple times. Peyton causes Harry and Niall to even fight fist to fist. Will she tear them apart? Or will things work out?


6. To the pub

I put my purple dress on, did my makeup and hair, and accessoried. I looked in the mirror one last time to see myself. Then I noticed. "Wow Greyson. You look stunning." She stood in her golden dress down to her knees with her black pumps. Her golden hair fell perfectly down her shoulders. It was curled like mine and swept to the side. She smiled at me and said, "No Peyton you look stunning and you know who's gunna like it too." she teased. "Aha what?" I pretended not to know what she was talking about. "You know what." she smirked. "Um whatever it's getting late lets go." We walked downstairs and I grabbed my red pumps and slipped them on and we walked next door.
We knocked on the door and Niall answered. "Wow Peyton. You look amazing. I..Im just.. Wow." he was out of words. As was I. "Uh.. T-thanks N-Niall ahaaa. You look stunning too Niall." I was so nervous I was studdering. And I was defiantly blushing. "Well lets get going love birds!" Greyson teasted. We walked inside and Harry was still getting ready. "Come on Harry! Hurry it up." Greyson joked. Harry walked downstairs. "Haha sorry to keep you waiting lads." he smiled. He looked amazing too. He looked up from running down the stairs buttoning up his shirt "Oh my- Peyton. You look- wow I'm just-" He was out of words too. "Aha.. Thanks Harry you look amazing too." I said awkwardly. "Just let me grab my keys and we can head out." We walked out the door and hopped into Harry's car. Greyson sat up front with Harry while I sat in the back with Niall. "So Peyton how do you like it here so far?" Niall was trying to make conversation. I wouldn't blame him it was getting awkward. "It's great now that I've met you and Harry." I smiled and he laughed. Soon we arrived at the pub. "Well here we are." Harry turned around and smiled at me. We all hopped out of the car and into the pub.
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