When I'm yours

When Peyton and her best friend Greyson move from California to Holmes Chapel Chesire they discover their next door neighbors are Harry styles and Niall Horan from a popular uk boy band named One Direction. Soon Harry and Niall are deeply in love with her. Peyton also falls for both of the boys. Eventually Niall and Peyton enter a relationship. Their relationship is full of obstacles that lead to good and bad things. Peyton is caught with Harry multiple times. Peyton causes Harry and Niall to even fight fist to fist. Will she tear them apart? Or will things work out?


21. Memories to never be forgotten.

"I think we should make the best of it instead of making the worse of it." Harry said trying to be happy. "You're right Harry. We should go do some things make more memories while she's still here." I smiled. "How long has it been?" Niall asked. "Erm.. Well... Basically a month tomorrow." Harry said. "That means she'll only be here a month longer! Ugh no! Where has the time gone!" I didn't realize how soon she was leaving. I was sad. Greyson walked into the room. "Hey Grey. When is your leaving day?" Harry asked. "Why? Ready to get rid of me so soon?" she joked. "Nah, just kiddin. Its um I think December 13." she said. "What? Grey. You're leaving us before Christmas?" Niall yelled. "Christmas is the best time." he explained. "Is it already booked or you just planning it for that day?" I asked. "Just planning for now, soon will be booked." "You should stay for Christmas." Harry suggested. "Eh, I'll think about it." she smiled. "So any plans for today?" she asked. "Anyone up for some go carts?" Niall suggested. "Ohmygawd! Niall I love go carts! Why didn't you mentioned this sooner?! Greyson and I used to always race back at home!" I yelled excitedly. "Hell yeah! I was beast bro." Greyson yelled. We all bursted out laughing. "Seriously though guys! We should go!" I yelled as I jumped up and down squeezing Niall's arm. "Okay then we can all go get ready and meet back here in an hour?" Harry asked. "Sounds like a plan." I said smiling. Greyson and I walked outside. "Ohmygawd dude I'm so psyched. We haven't raced in like what? Almost a year?" I said. "Yeah yeah! This is gunna be great. I'm gunna smoke you like I always do." she teasted. We walked in and I went upstairs to my room. We decided that we would keep the house. Nothing was packed. I opened my closet. "Hmm." I thought. I stood and looked through my clothes and grabbed the perfect outfit. A black leather jacket with a light pink floral shirt with my light denim skinny jeans and my leather mid calf leather boots. I grabbed my black gloves and my white scarf. I walked into the bathroom and fixed my hair then placed on a white knit hat on. Greyson walked in. "Cute outfit." I told her. "Ahaha thanks. You too." "Okay we'll I'm about done." I said. "Yeah me too. Ready to head over?" she asked. "Yep. Ready as I'll ever be. To smoke you." I teased. We walked over I Harry and Niall's. "Hey babe." Niall smiled. "Hey." I smiled back. He kissed my cold cheek with his warm soft lips. "Why are you two dressed so nice?" Harry asked. "We're not?" I questioned. "Weirdo." Niall said. We all laughed. "You guys ready?" Harry asked. "Yeah just waitin on whoever." I said. "Alright guess we're set to go." Niall said. We went outside and hopped into Harry's car. He turned the car and heater on. The drive was a good 30 minutes away. We arrived to a place called RPM. Considering it was a Wednesday night there weren't a lot of people. Better for us. "You guys ever raced?" Greyson asked. "Eh, a little here and there." Niall said. "Yeah, not much." Harry added.we walked inside. "Hello. How can I help you." the man at the desk asked. "Cheer up a little lad." Niall smiled. The man kept his straight face. "Okay then." I laughed. "How many." he asked in his tired and boring voice. "Uh...4" Harry told him. We paid and walked over to a line. In about 15 minutes we loaded in the cars. "Get ready to get smoked by your girlfriend!" I yelled to Niall. "I'll probably get smoked. " he told Harry and smiled at me." I got in and we lined up in our cars. " 3....2....1....GO!" I stepped on the gas. Niall was passing me up and Greyson. Harry and I were side by side. I ran into his cutting him off. Next I drive against Greyson and cut her off. She did the same with me. We cut each other back an fourth with Niall still in the lead. "Shit!" I yelled. The finish line was coming up. I was just about to pass up Greyson when she bumped me into a walk during a turn. "Dickhead!" I screamed. We stopped soon and everyone got out. "Sick move Greyson. But you're such a dickhead." I laughed. "You just jelous I beat you." she taunted. "Hey cunts I beat you all. Remember?" Niall interrupted. "Ahah okay since you beat me you'll get a present later." I smiled. "Oh like?" Niall smiled. "Shh. It's a surprise." I teased. "Umm. Aaaaawkward." Greyson and Harry interuppted. "Oh whatever." we laughed. "Anyone hungry? I know I am." Niall laughed. Of course he was. "Yeah let's go grab a bite. Say... I never did get the chance to go to Nandos." I smiled. "Oh hell yeah. Let's go." Niall said with a huge smile.
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