When I'm yours

When Peyton and her best friend Greyson move from California to Holmes Chapel Chesire they discover their next door neighbors are Harry styles and Niall Horan from a popular uk boy band named One Direction. Soon Harry and Niall are deeply in love with her. Peyton also falls for both of the boys. Eventually Niall and Peyton enter a relationship. Their relationship is full of obstacles that lead to good and bad things. Peyton is caught with Harry multiple times. Peyton causes Harry and Niall to even fight fist to fist. Will she tear them apart? Or will things work out?


46. Home

I carefully picked up his cased arm that laid on his stomach and placed my head where it laid before. I could hear his heat beating, slowly with a rhythm. I felt his fingers as he stroked my hair. I grabbed his hand and looked at him, "Niall its almost Christmas." He looked at me and smiled, "I know. My parents are coming to stay with us in a few days, I forgot to tell you." My mind drifted off and my heart sunk to my stomach. I missed my family, we never made it there. "Do you mind if I call my parents and brother up to come and spend the week with us for Christmas?" I could see the fireplace's red and gold reflection through his bright pale blue eyes. "Honestly, do you think I'd say no?" He smiled as he leaned down and put his warm, soft lips on mine. When he pulled away I felt a rush though my body. I felt...  butterflies in my stomach. I placed my hand on his neck and pulled him closer towards me until our lips touched once again, this time harder. My eyes began to water and I put my arms around him and squeezed a little harder. As we pulled apart the tear trailed down my cheek. And I wiped it away before he could see. He caught me as I tried to look away, I could see the sparkle of his eyes in the dim room. "What's going on, whats the matter?" He looked me in the eyes and wiped away another tear. I smiled and kissed him again, "I'm just happy I still have you." We turned our heads as we heard the door open. Harry walked in and walked straight to the kitchen. "Tea anyone?" he asked from the kitchen. "Eh, Yeah. Two cups." Niall answered. 


"I don't know if I can do this anymore.." Harry's eyes glimmered in the dark room, almost as if he was about to cry. I patted him on the back, "What it is?" I asked. He took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. "I've been receiving so much hate. I don't know if I can do it any longer. I mean I don't even know why they hate me. I was on twitter the other night and just pages of hate." Before he could go on I interrupted him, "Harry, c'mon who cares really. I mean look at how many people love you compared to how many hate you. It doesn't matter, do you know how many girls would kill to be with you? Or to even get a picture. Why do you think you're always getting mobbed. They love you. Harry dont worry about it everyone gets hate, and no one deserves it." He looked up at us and smiled, "I guess.. Thanks guys." Then he got up to go into the kitchen. "You know, we haven't gone on a date in a while." Niall said with a smile. "How about it?" He asked. "Yeah you're right. Where should we go then?" I smiled as I ran my fingers through his soft blonde locks. He looked at me with a smirk on his face, "It'll be a surprise."

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