When I'm yours

When Peyton and her best friend Greyson move from California to Holmes Chapel Chesire they discover their next door neighbors are Harry styles and Niall Horan from a popular uk boy band named One Direction. Soon Harry and Niall are deeply in love with her. Peyton also falls for both of the boys. Eventually Niall and Peyton enter a relationship. Their relationship is full of obstacles that lead to good and bad things. Peyton is caught with Harry multiple times. Peyton causes Harry and Niall to even fight fist to fist. Will she tear them apart? Or will things work out?


33. Feburary 14th

The hand on my shoulder pulled me back. Before I could react he pushed his lips against mine. I could tell it was Niall from the taste that lingered on my lips. "Happy Valentines Day." He held out his hand with a small brown bear holding a small black case. I had forgotten all about valentines day. I smiled, "Happy Valentines day Niall." I took the bear from his hands and gave him a big hug. "Go on, open it." He smiled. I opened the small box, inside was a ring with two small diamonds and one in the middle. I gasped at the beautiful ring, "Niall I can't-" I looked at the ring. "Don't worry babe, it's not an engagement ring," he laughed "it's a promise ring." He leaned down and kissed me. "Happy Valentines day Peyton." I pulled away from Niall looking over at Harry. He held a bonquet of flowers and balloons, a bear, and a card. "Oh- Harry. Happy valentines day." He stood for a second thinking trying not to show he was hurt. "Oh um, I was just... Um looking for... Uh Greyson. Yeah, so where is she?" Well, way to play it off Harry. "She's over in the living room mate." "Thanks Niall." He walked over into the living room. I could hear her scream in joy in the other room. Niall and I smiled at each other before kissing again.
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