When I'm yours

When Peyton and her best friend Greyson move from California to Holmes Chapel Chesire they discover their next door neighbors are Harry styles and Niall Horan from a popular uk boy band named One Direction. Soon Harry and Niall are deeply in love with her. Peyton also falls for both of the boys. Eventually Niall and Peyton enter a relationship. Their relationship is full of obstacles that lead to good and bad things. Peyton is caught with Harry multiple times. Peyton causes Harry and Niall to even fight fist to fist. Will she tear them apart? Or will things work out?


16. Crashed and Trashed

There were sleeping people all over the place, along with spilled chips and other foods and drinks. I walked into the kitchen to look I there was any food left in the fridge. Instead I found a yellow sticky note attatched on the fridge door. "Sorry I couldn't let all these intoxicated people leave so I made them stay! -Liam" I laughed at the note. I could tell Liam was a sweet kind hearted person. Niall walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. "Nothing to eat... At all." I looked in the fridge. It was completely empty. "Well lets clean this place up and then we can go grab something to eat." I suggested. "Yeah, I'll take you to Nandos." he smiled. "Nandos?" I asked as we poked up cans and plastic cups and threw them into trash bags. "Yeah. You guys don't have them in the states?" he asked. "Not that I know of." he smiled and laughed, "Well I'll take you there. Be careful, it's addicting." he winked. Soon people began waking up and left. Very few people stayed and clean. As I bent down to pick up a can a pair of white low cut Converse laid before my eyes. I looked up, Harry. "Need some help?" he smacked me right in the face with his amazing smile. "I- uh. Yeah." I realized I was staring. Well... It wasn't very easy not to. He reached his hand out and helped me up. "Thanks." things between him and Niall were still awkward. "Sorry we didn't talk much last night or yesterday really. And sorry for kind of calling you out yesterday in the studio.." there was a little twinkle in his eyes. "Oh it's alright. At least your here helping us clean." Niall walked into the room. There was just awkward silence. No one said a word. I motioned Niall with my eyes to do something. Talk to him. Say something. "Thanks for coming out lad." it came out awkwardly and almost sounded... Harsh. "Oh yeah.. Uh no problem." there was tension in the air. I couldn't handle but feel guilty. I let out a cry. I sat there in guilt crying because of what I caused. I couldn't take it anymore. "Peyton, princess don't cry. What's the matter princess?" he rubbed my back for comfort. Harry didn't say a word. He sat next to me and rubbed my back along with Niall. "What wrong babe?" he asked. "I.. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have came. It's all my fault." I cried harder. "What? What the hell are you talking about what your fault?" Harry's was in the state of confusion. "Everything. The reason you two are fighting. I tore you two apart. Before I came you two were like best friends. Brothers. But since I came you two have fought and you guys aren't even speaking now." I cried so hard it was hard to speak. "No nothing your fault Peyton don't say that." Harry and Niall looked at each other. "Yeah we fight but, what brothers don't fight?" Niall had a point there. But it was my fault and I felt terrible. "Peyton stop. Don't even say that. We can't stay mad forget right? If you didn't come here neither of us would have met you an Greyson an we wouldn't have anything great in our lives." Harry consoled. "And we wouldn't have a great album name." Niall turned to Harry and smiled. It was the first time in a while that I saw Niall look at Harry without a " I want to kill you " look on his face. I guess I started to feel better. I hugged them both. We finished up and sat on the couch. "Nandos?" Niall asked Harry. "Uh yeah sure." "Alright guys let me I clean myself up and we can go." as I walke upstairs they left next door, to get freshened up too I guess.
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