When I'm yours

When Peyton and her best friend Greyson move from California to Holmes Chapel Chesire they discover their next door neighbors are Harry styles and Niall Horan from a popular uk boy band named One Direction. Soon Harry and Niall are deeply in love with her. Peyton also falls for both of the boys. Eventually Niall and Peyton enter a relationship. Their relationship is full of obstacles that lead to good and bad things. Peyton is caught with Harry multiple times. Peyton causes Harry and Niall to even fight fist to fist. Will she tear them apart? Or will things work out?


30. Cookie Dough Ice Cream

"Did you like the last ice cream shop we went to last time?" Harry asked as he drove. I thought about, the ice cream was actually good. "Well... The ice cream was good but-" he stopped me "Don't worry Peyton, the fans won't eat to you before me this time." He smirked at me before setting his eyes back on the road. I was surprised he remembered. "Yeah," I smiled. "The last place was good but we should try a new place." I suggested. "Yeah," he smiled " Hey this time, we should go and say hi to a couple fans, that's how they'll grow to like you." Harry giving me advice? It seemed to have happened really often now. "Well how about here?" I looked outside. It was a classic Ben&Jerrys Ice Cream shop. "Oh my god Harry! I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream." I smiled and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. We swerved a little. "Oh geez Peyton calm down, you're gunna cause an accident." He teased. We parked in the parking lot and walked inside. "It seems quiet in here." Harry said observing the shop. Over to the left of us I saw two girls jumping and screaming trying to hide their excitement. The walked over to us. "Oh my- Har- his-" the first girl couldn't get her words out. She was blonde with a Disney land sweatshirt on. "Uh, hi Harry. Hi Harry's girlfriend." The other girl said. She was also blonde with curly hair unlike the other girl. She wore a scarf and pink sweater with light jeans and shoes. "Oh, I'm not his girlfriend." I smiled. "We'll sure you are! You're blushing." She said. "Oh no we're just friends." Harry smiled. "Sure. Ahaha. Um well anyways. Would you two please take a picture with me and my friend? She's really shy, but she's so glad to have met you guys." I guesa the fans weren't always so bad. "Sure." I answered. "Great!" She pulled out her phone and we squeezed in taking pictures. "Thank you!" They yelled as they left. "Alright. What flavor do you want?" Harry asked. I analyzed the flavor chart. "Hmm.... I think I'll try something new. Maybe the cookie dough. I've never had that." I'd had always seen cookie dough just never tried it. "Alright, two cookie dough ice creams on a waffle cone please." Harry ordered. He paid for our ice cream and we sat down on the tables next to the windows. Outside we could see the fans stare at us as they walked by. Some came inside and asked for pictures or autographs. Most of the fans we met were all very nice. Once we finished our ice creams we realized there was nothing else planned for the day. "Harry." I called. "I really want to go to a park and I don't know walk around or something you know?" I asked. "Sounds great." He smiled. This would be the first time I would be going to a park. It had been nearly a year. Time had gone by so fast.
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