sisterly love.........NOT!


2. the day


BROOKE!!!! i yelled wondering whats taking her sooo long!? Probably crying as usuall. She needs to learn how to get over her parents death and start doing as i say!( Brooke enters the room) red eyed and puffy as usual. Yes mam? COME over here and give me my daily foot message now. I cant now mam i have lots of homework to due that is due tomorrow. Don't make me say it again! FOOT MESSAGE NOW!!! crying histarically brooke bends over and messages my feet how i like it.



I cant believe i had to message her nasty feet again! this is the 20th time! ive had it with her!!! I wish my parents were here....... they would love me and cheerish me with respect and love unlike aunt Helen who does the complete opposite. Why dosent she make Joey message her feet? Why me? It seems to me that that  everything bad  happens to me and always me never Joey or aunt helen. I need something that will brighten me up.

Every night before i go to bed i say my prayer and one wish. So one night i wish i could meet One Direction. It was wierd that night because i actually had a dream of One Direction and when i woke up i wished i had never woken up so i could of been in my fairy fantasy dream all day long and not worrying about my sister Joey picking on me or having to deal with autn Helen.

Since i had woken up all bumbed out of not continuing my fantasy dream i decided to go out and the the house. Unpermissioned of course but i didnt care what the consequences were going to be because i just neede a brreak. So i headed out for the place i always wanted to go. The Beach. I brought all my money saving with me for im going to hit the mall first to buy what i need.

I arrived at the mall practically jumping with joy!I looked around at all my choices,boy there was alot but i eventually found one that cought my eye and  i had to have it! I bought a Bright Pink bikini with baby blue desighns on it, it was awsome. i aslo bought sunblock and a towel then headed out of the mall and straight to the beach.

Once i arrived at the beach i couldnt believe my eyes!!!! Did i just see? No it couldnt be...  Maybe i was illusinating. I decided to build a sand castle to get my eyes off of things and focus on this sand castle. So i was building my sand castle making it all pretty and neat until BAM!!!! Someone landed right on top of it and ruined it! Once i saw who had done iti couldnt believe my eyes!!!! And this time i wasnt illusinating! It Was my celebrity crush! Liam i practically yelled out while he was trying to appologize.


While i was running away from louis who was trying to give me a wet willy i accidently ran into some girl who had red hair, and destroyed her sand castle but once she saw who i was she couldnt be happier. So i asked her if she wanted to hang out with me and the boys for the rest of the day and and she happily agreed.


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