sisterly love.........NOT!


3. End Of Day

Brooks POV

I was soo happy! I mean for once in a long time I was going to do something fun!!!!! Of course I agreed to spend the rest of the day with one direction! I mean who wouldn't right!? So Liam showed me around and where the boys were hanging out and properly introduced me to each one of the boys. He was so polite and sweet. So after a small chat we all agreed to go to their hotel and get ready because we were all going out to eat.


Liam's POV

I decided to get to know Brooke better, there was something about her that I liked. I couldn't put my finger on it though. Thankfully she was going to hang out with me and the boys. As they I finished introducing the boys to Brooke I came up with the idea to go out for lunch and everyone agreed with me. My plan was in action!

Once we got to the Hotel I showed Brooke around and I showed her where the bathroom was so she could take a shower and get dressed. Then I decided to have a quick chat with Louie before I was going to get ready.


Loui's POV

I was just about to start getting ready before Liam came in and said we needed to talk. That was strange? I wonder what he wanted to talk about. Probably just wanted to learn some of my lovely dance moves.

He had a seriouse face so i knew this was going to be an important question. Oh Liam you! I say after he tells me he has a MAJOR crush on Brooke and wants some advice. So i gave him the best Louis Tomlinson advice and promise not to tell the other boys.

Brook's POV

We were all finally ready to go and headed to the restaurant. It was big and luxiouries i have never been somewhere this fancy before. Liam must of saw how amazed i was at this place because he started giggling and telling me how silly i was.

"Hey"! i said elbowing him. He laughed it off and properly escorted me to where we were seated.

Once we all finished eating,well most of us anyway Niall was still hungry but thats typicall of him. We went back to the hotel and sat around watching some t.v and having little side conversations every now and then.Just enjoying eachothers company having a great time.

Liams POV

We were all just sitting around having a good time just relaxing and then i finally realized it was 10:00! So i asked Brooke if she wanted a ride home.. She agreed and we headed outside to the car and got in.

Brooks POV

Omg! it was 10:00 i had spent the whole entire day with One Directon! But now it was time to go home. Crap it's time to go home! When i finally realized when Liam and i got into the car and i had to tell him where i lived so he could take me to the place i never wanted to see again.This really upset me for i dont want to go i want to spend the rest of my life with One Direction, me being sad as ever kept the tears to my self and toughened it out,trying not to show my emotions to Liam.Luckily he had turned on the radio and that was a good distraction because Liam with his angelic voice was singing along.

When we pulled up to the drive way  Liam must of saw a tear rolling down my face and asked me what was wrong. But it was too late i saw the evil witch Aunt Helen. She was outside on the porch waiting for me with a bat and belt in her hand.I am terrified.

Liams POV

Something wasn't right Brooke was crying! Was it because she was leaving me? "Whats wrong? I ask. She told me that she cant say, and kept mummbling goodbye life or something like that. I was confused!

She just simply got out of the car and headed for the porch but i was going to wait until i saw that she was perfectly safe inside before i leave. As she was approaching the porch i noticed there was this lady there, probably just her mother but she was holding what looked like a bat.Then it hit me. Brooke was in MAJOR trouble.

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