sisterly love.........NOT!


1. about...

    It was any normal day here in kansas 


         i had just woken up to another miserable day,for my parents had died 2 years ago in a terriblee car accident. Me and my HORRIBLE older sister now live with our aunt  helen who is my dads sister. She is one of the snappiest old lady u will ever meet. She bickers at you like there is no tomorrow! Living with her is like hell.


        Her house is a one story house , kinda like an old rusty cabin. Me and my sister shared a little room in the back of the house wich we sware we think its HAUNTED! While aunt helen lives in her master bedroom and it is the best room in the house.


        My sister and i dont always get along for wich we both like different things. As i like One Direction for my sister HATES them! Im more of a girly girl who likes pink while my sister joey is a tomboy and hates the color pink.


        I am very tall for my age (12) and my full name is Brooke heather Ziegler.im a natural red head with apple green eyes.I always thought of being a model but never had the courage or the support that i needed. As to my sister Joey who is a brunette which i am very jelouse of because she got her looks from my mom.anyways she always dreamed of being a proffesional basketball player but had her dreams crushed when our mom and dad died and never picked up anothe basketball ever again.  

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