Doodle Girl

15 in a half, year old Makenzie Farrell loves doodle! She even made a doodle club! Brittany thought people wouldn't go to her doodle club! But it actually became popular! Even Brittany comes popular! But when a mysterious person steals her famous doodle her popularity disappears! And her enemy takes over the club! Will Brittany ever become popular ever again?


6. The video that changed everything

Lindsey was so excited the next day. She forgot to upgrade her app! She made a better idea that was much simple than upgrading her app. She had a video of herself drawing a bunny eating a carrot she put the video on there live, 199 people were watching! Mabey Jakob was watching too! Lindsey told people how to doodle the drawing step by step. When she was done with the live video. She said  "Bye, Everyone thanks for watching!!"

After 1 minute she got a email saying she got a comment on the video.

DoodleGuy24/7 commented: I know who you are, I thought of what your voice sounded like and it matched right up to someone I know!!! I can't belive it! I'll txt you!!! Today!


Lindsey said "What the heck just happened? I thought I edited my voice so it would sound different." She checked the app and she forgot to edit her voice!!! Her heart was beating so loud she could here it, Everyone in her school knew who she was, DOODLE GIRL! Then Lindsey thought "Wait! Mabey they think, I'm a different person since I'm not that popular." She heard her heart beating softer than it was. She took a few deep breathes and got a text message from Jakob. When she read it her heart started beating louder and harder again.

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