Doodle Girl

15 in a half, year old Makenzie Farrell loves doodle! She even made a doodle club! Brittany thought people wouldn't go to her doodle club! But it actually became popular! Even Brittany comes popular! But when a mysterious person steals her famous doodle her popularity disappears! And her enemy takes over the club! Will Brittany ever become popular ever again?


1. The Doodle Girl

16 year old, Mackenzie was drawing a secret doodle in math class, which she always does since shes the mysterious Doodle Girl! You see Mackenzie isn't popular but she is popular on her blog called, Doodle Girl. Everyone goes on Doodle Girl everyday students check her page 24/7 at her school but Mackenzie likes that its a secret.Someone even made a Doodle Girl app for iphones! Anyway the doodle she was working on wasn't a regular doodle she was going to make this doodle for her crush, Jackob and she's going to be tagging him in it!! She slowly moved her pencil and made a heart but then she thought

 "Jacob would probbly think I'm a weirdo!"

Mackenzie thought of the perfect drawing but the bell rang and it was time to go to lunch.


At lunch she sat by her friend Jessica. "Hey, doodle girl" Jessica said.  Jessica is the only person who knows her secret. Mackenzie said "Hey" back. Jessica and Mackenzie have been friends since 6th grade. Jessica knew that Mackenzie have been planning her special doodle for a week. So she asked her "Are you going to post the special doodle?"   "Probly not till tommorrow" Mackenzie  said. 

"Well you should hurry up because I heard Jackob is a really big Doodle Girl fan he has the app and checks it daily" Jessica said.

"Really? He likes my doodles?

"Not just likes LOVES and I know this because..."

"I know you hang with Jackob's friend Steve."

"Yep!" Jessica said in her dreamy voice.


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