Doodle Girl

15 in a half, year old Makenzie Farrell loves doodle! She even made a doodle club! Brittany thought people wouldn't go to her doodle club! But it actually became popular! Even Brittany comes popular! But when a mysterious person steals her famous doodle her popularity disappears! And her enemy takes over the club! Will Brittany ever become popular ever again?


4. Text tone

When Doodle Girl got her phone charged she texted DoodleGuy24/7 a.k.a. Jakob.

When she texted him, Mackenzie didn't want to show her true identity. So she texted him:

Hey! This is Doodle Girl. I saw your comment and wanted to chat.

She waited for a whole hour and he didn't text back. Mackenzie was very exhausted, it was 1 am in the morning, (good thing it was Friday, so she can stay up all night) she was half asleep, but then the text tone from her iphone awokened her.

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