Doodle Girl

15 in a half, year old Makenzie Farrell loves doodle! She even made a doodle club! Brittany thought people wouldn't go to her doodle club! But it actually became popular! Even Brittany comes popular! But when a mysterious person steals her famous doodle her popularity disappears! And her enemy takes over the club! Will Brittany ever become popular ever again?


7. She's a PHONY!

Lindsey kept reading the text message over and over again and then she almost fainted. Jakob's text was not about Lindsey, it was about her arch nemisis Mackenzie!  Lindsey didn't know what to text back. She was so flabbergasted that she typed random words in and sent 

Lindsey: kjg;fdljirjoiae; j-04=3i0i5 o'afla'j po jt

Then Jakob put:

??!??! So are you Makenzie????? 

Lindsey was about to put no but then her iphone died!!!!!

Tears started bursting out and she couldn't find her charger anywhere she gave up looking for it and then tried to clear her mind. Lindsey was so tired she didn't want to fall asleep but she did!!

She woke up at 11:14 p.m. She's been asleep for 3 hours. Lindsey thought hard on where she kept her charger then she remembered she left in one of her drawers!!! She leaped off the bed and got her charger, she plugged it in. The look on her face was horrid!!!!! Jakob said...





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