Doodle Girl

15 in a half, year old Makenzie Farrell loves doodle! She even made a doodle club! Brittany thought people wouldn't go to her doodle club! But it actually became popular! Even Brittany comes popular! But when a mysterious person steals her famous doodle her popularity disappears! And her enemy takes over the club! Will Brittany ever become popular ever again?


2. Post it? or not?

Mackenzie finished her  "secret" doodle in art class. Mrs.Grover was the best teacher, she was one of Mackenzie's friend and favorite teacher! Mrs.Grover didn't know her secret though. All Mrs.Grover thought Mackenzie loved doodle-ing.

Mackenzie's "secret" doodle was PERFECT. But it was a mystery... Like random stuff. Their was a big question mark in the middle and she wrote polar bear in the middle of it (since that was her favorite animal). On the side of the page she wrote Jakob with a pizza in the "o" of Jackob. (Thats Jackob's favorite food) 

The rest of the paper she drew lines with Markers and Mackenzie drew swirls and clouds. And a tiny heart on the right corner.


When Mackenzie got home she took a picture of her drawing with her iphone and pressed her app "Doodle Girl" she smiled at her last post, she wasn't smiling at the picture she drew, she saw all of the comments. They were all positive! There was 500 comments! 948 people saw it and 824 people liked it! Then she saw the very SPECIAL post it said:

I am a BIG fan of you! I check your blog everyday!!!!! :)

She clicked on the persons page his username was: DoodleGuy24/7

Thats when she saw the picture..... It was Jackob!!!!

She couldn't belive this!

She pressed the back buttons and was about to upload the "special" doodle.

One more tap and EVERYONE would see it. Mackenzie got really nervous she was sweating.... Then she thought "I hope Jakob likes this. Should I post it???"

A few more minutes she thought then..... She tapped the upload button! And it was on her app "Doodle Girl"


About an hour later she got an email that said "Someone commented on your doodle!" Mackenzie scrolled down the email to see what username it was.

The username was: DoodleGuy24/7



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