Could it be you?

Annabell is a girl who no one understands. She is very shy and musically talented. Finally one day all her dreams come true! By having some one finally understand her. So she thinks that he could be the one but she doesn't know if it could ever work. Wanna know what happens well read and see...


5. The tour bus

Once we got to the place where they were hiding there tour bus we stepped inside. I saw the four boys, Eleanor, and Danielle all inside watching tv. Harry introduced me to everyone then showed me where I would be sleeping. Aparently Harry had told the girls to decorate the bed because it had my name spelt out in pillows, it even had some of my favorite colors on the bed spread!
" Harry you didn't have to do all this for me. It's just one night!" I told him
" Bell can I talk to you outside for a second?" Harry asked
" sure Harry" I said smiling
As we walk outside Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis were all smiling at I'm wondering what was up...
"hey" he said
" hey...whats up Harry?" I questioned
" well umm I was just wondering if you liked your school, house, and friends here?" he said hesitantly
" um okay no, no, and don't got none why?" I replied
" because um well I really like you and I hope you really like me too and I was just wondering.." he said
" yeah???" I wondered
" if you want to come on tour with us?" he said with a smile
I was silent...I couldn't get out the words YES OF COURSE I DO for some reason it's like I was frozen.
" it's okay if you don't want to" he told me looking sad
All I did was wrap my arms around him and whispered in his ear of course I do.
He wrapped his arms around me so tight I could barely breathe but that was okay because if I did die I'd die happy!
I could see the four boys and two girls all looking out the window at us trying to be secretive so we wouldn't notice but I did. All i did was smile at them and they gave me thumbs up.
" this is the happiest I've been in a really really long time Harry" I told him with tears coming out of my eyes. But for once these tears weren't tears of sadness but of love and joy. He wiped away the tears and kissed me again and in that exact moment I stopped wondering about him being the one I knew he was the one.
When we went back inside I went over to the girls and Harry went over to the guys. Danielle asked me " so I hear you are going to be our new roommate!!"
"yes yes I am" I told them
" hey girls can I ask you a question?" I asked
" of course what is it?" they said in unison
" well when you kiss Liam and Louis do you feel like your in love?" I said sheepishly
They both looked at eachother and nodded with big smiles on there faces.

Once we were all done talking we changed into our pjs. Then went over to our boyfriends sat on there laps and said " movie time?"
The boys looked at eachother and said in unison "movie time!" with enormous smiles on there faces.
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