Could it be you?

Annabell is a girl who no one understands. She is very shy and musically talented. Finally one day all her dreams come true! By having some one finally understand her. So she thinks that he could be the one but she doesn't know if it could ever work. Wanna know what happens well read and see...


3. The beach

As I go to find a big rock to sit and cry on, being the clutz I am I trip and fall. But after five minutes I find my usual rock. Today I decided to cry and write songs for the rest of the afternoon. Then when I go home I would probably put some chords on the piano to match the lyrics.

About an hour goes by and at this point I was just sitting there crying. All of a sudden 5 hot guys come up on to the shore out of the water some with surf boards and others with a pair of googles. They were gorgeous!! Then I realized they were One Direction!! One Direction was my idol. They were the reason I haven't killed myself because of all the bullying. Then I realized they were all walking towards me! Yes, me Annabell! But then I saw that right behind me were all of there towels. Yup, they weren't coming over to me they were going to get there towels.. Hmm yeah awkward thought.....

Since I didn't think they could see me crying I decided to go for a walk and cry instead of make a fool of myself in front of One Direction. So I started walking down the beach. As I walked down on the shore line I kept looking back at them I saw them dry off and then I saw them all look up into my eyes every single one of them. It was amazing! Almost like love at first sight times five! From that point I didn't look back anymore because they all had offiously seen me crying which was totally embarrassing! So I couldn't look back at them sadly. Then all of a sudden I was hearing "Wait! Miss! Stop!" And to my surprise the voices sounded British and Irish!!!
Oh my gosh!! It was One Direction!! One Direction was calling for me but I knew I had to keep walking since I was crying. I was saying to myself " No Annabell Gera hold of yourself you MUST NOT LOOK BACK!"

Then I felt someone grab my shoulder and pull me back. And of course it was One Direction. And the kicker was that when they had pulled me back I landed right on my butt in front of One Direction!! Oh my gosh I'm such a loser!! Then I saw them all sit right down in a little circle around me. It was like I was the center of attention! It was amazing. I could barely breathe! Even thought was still crying it didn't matter because One Direction was right here I front of me!
Then I heard Niall say in his sweet Irish voice "Hi I'm Niall your name is?"
Then in between sobs I managed to say "Annabell"
"Annabell" he said " what a pretty name!"
I smiled and tried my hardest not to blush!
" I'm Harry, by the way you left your book over on the rock I hope your not mad but I sorta read the page that was opened. Did you write that?" he said in his British accent.
I nodded.
Then I saw all the boys start to hit Harry and say " Harry that was her personal book we told you not to read it!!"
" no, no its alright it's my fault for leaving my book there." I said
Zayn said to me " yeah, why did you run off like that we could see you were upset and we were coming to talk to you."
" I was to embarrassed because I was crying." I said.
" it's okay to cry you know. Everyone does it!" Liam said
" trust me I know I come here every day and cry. But I just didn't wanna look stupid infront of my idols."
" Are we really your idols?" Louis questioned.
" of course!" I slightly yelled.
" we'll we are honored" Harry said as he bowed.

Before I knew it they had all ripped a little corner out of my book and wrote there cell number on it and said " any time you need to talk call us okay?" "hehe okay!" I squeaked. They all had given the papers to me except Harry.. Then we all got up outta the sand and Louis, Liam, Niall, and zayn had all said " well we must be going we hate staying in wet bathing suits!" They all hugged me good by and had told me to call them anytime, but once again Harry didn't he was just standing there.
" Harry are you coming?" Louis yelled.
" yeah! I'm right behind you."
Then Louis winked at Harry.
" You don't have to stay." I said hoping he would.
" I know but I want to." he said.
At that moment I knew that harry could be the one.
" so why were you crying earlier?" Harry asked.
" it's a long story" I said looking at the sand.
Then he stopped lifted my chin up with his finger and said "I have time." then he just plopped down on the sand.
" So okay every day that I go to school I get massively bullied. People call me a loser, ugly, and things I don't even want to say." I said sniffling.
" Bell, do you mind if I call you Bell?" he asked
"no not at all." I said
" Okay who ever calls you that they are the losers because on my scale you are amazing beautiful and a total princess." he said to me as I was looking down again.
So then the next two hours was incredible because I spent it talking to Harry.
" Oh my it's already five I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hold you up!" I said worried.
" Trust me I'd rather be with you than some stupid dinner with our manager!" he calmly said looking into my eyes.
Then I just looked at the sand again and blushed. And not just a pinky blush I mean like a bright red blush.
Then he started to sing " when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know you don't know your beautiful if only you saw what I could see you'd understand why I want you so desperately."
Then he stopped lifted my chin up and kissed me!! Harry Styles kissed me!!! AHHHHHH OMGOMGOMG!!!!!
" Bell" he said
" Yeah?" I said my face as red as a tomato.
" Will you go out with me?" he said then did that smile that was so gorgeous!!
" really? Of course I will Harry!" I yelped
Then i put my arms around his neck and gave him a hug and he hugged me right back.
Then he said " wont your parents be expecting you home? It's already seven."
I stopped..froze...and went totally white..then just dropped to the ground....and started bawling.
Harry knew something wasn't right and came down on his knees and said " love what is it? Was it something I did?"
" No, no" I barely said between sobs " it's just that my parents died in a car crash... Three months ago"
I couldn't stop crying I tried my hardest to stop I just couldn't.
Harry said " Love I'm so sorry, where do you live then?"
" I live with some horrid drunk crack heads whom adopted me to be there slave basically." I cried out.
Harry was silent for a moment...then said " come sleep in our tour bus tonight! We have an extra bed! The lads will not mind at all! They absolutely love you!"
Then I looked up at him and he wiped away my tears. Then I said " really? Are you sure? I don't want to be a bother!"
He said " Bell you are coming with me no questions about it. Okay?"
I whispered " okay Harry" with a big smile on my face.
" Do you need to ask your step parents first?" he wondered
" pff are you kidding they don't even know my name. Besides they are never home anyway." I said
" alright then let's go! Oh but don't you need to go to there house to pick up your clothes?" he asked
" I don't really have any they are all ratty because they are my step mothers old clothes." I said ashamed.
" Oh alright then let's go shopping for some pjs and a new outfit for you!" he said excitedly
" No Harry you don't" I couldn't finish my sentence because he had cut me off
" No Bell I'm taking you and you have no say okay? Okay!" he yelled
Then we were off to go shopping.
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