Could it be you?

Annabell is a girl who no one understands. She is very shy and musically talented. Finally one day all her dreams come true! By having some one finally understand her. So she thinks that he could be the one but she doesn't know if it could ever work. Wanna know what happens well read and see...


4. Shopping time with Harry

" Okay Hun, where would you like to go shopping?" Harry asked me.
" Umm well I love Urban Outfitters!" I said excitedly
" Then we shall go!" Harry said bowing making me feel like a princess again!
I swear I think I'm in love with him, he's so sweet and funny. And he makes me feel beautiful! I really do hope he feels the same way!
" Alright Anna go pick out anything you want because I'm paying and do not argue it is settled." Harry told me.
" Harry thank you so so much!" I said to him.
" Go, go, go you have 1 hour!" Harry instructed me
" Why an hour?" I asked
" Because the boys and I set up a movie night for the six of us or just the two of us if you want." he said
" Oh really what movie? And of course it can be the six of us it will be so much fun!!" I said so pumped
" Louis wanted the movie Grease if that's okay?" Harry asked
" Omg I love that movie!! Is Louis bringing eleanor? And is Liam bringing Danielle?" I asked
" yeah I think so." Harry said
"great!" I yelled
" well you better get a move on go go go!!" he screamed
After about a half hour I had picked out some pjs and a new pair jeans and a new flowery blouse with some flip flops. Then I walked out of the store and found Harry in disguise with a wig a hoodie and some sunglasses on.
" Excuse me miss" Harry had said jokingly
" Are you speaking to me?" I said as I winked at him
" Are you ready love?" he asked
" ready!" I said
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