Could it be you?

Annabell is a girl who no one understands. She is very shy and musically talented. Finally one day all her dreams come true! By having some one finally understand her. So she thinks that he could be the one but she doesn't know if it could ever work. Wanna know what happens well read and see...


6. Movie time<3

Once we got the movie in we all sat down on the couch in the order Louis, Eleanor, Liam, Danielle, Zayn, Harry,me, and Niall. Once it got dark I snuggled up next to Harry he looked over and smiled at me. Then I looked down at everyone, they all looked so happy except for Niall...
I looked over at Harry not looking happy but kinda sad he whispered "what's wrong?" I replied " look over at Niall he looks so sad and lonely. Would it be okay if I just gave him a little kiss on the cheek? Please Harry look at him I feel really bad please?" I pleaded
" go ahead Hun but you owe me a kiss Kay?" he whispered
"Kay" I said smiling at him
Then I looked over at Niall, and he looked over at me and smiled then went back to looking at the screen. Once he looked away I kissed him on the cheek. He looked over smiled and started to blush. It was so cute!
Then he said to me " thank you Anna no one has ever done anything like that for me"
Then I gave him a huge hug and said to him " any girl would be lucky to have you Niall don't you ever forget that promise me?"
"I promise Anna thank you" he said with kind eyes
After that I told him to scoot over closer, he obeyed. Then once he got as close as he could I put my head on his shoulder. Just for a few minutes of course because you know Harry was my boyfriend.
Man I could get use to saying that boyfriend! It sounded so perfect.
Then I looked over at Harry and kissed him on the cheek because I owed him as he'd said.
Then he whispered to me " thank you for what you did to Niall. He won't ever forget that never ever in a million years. It was really sweet of you Bell"
" well I had to do something he is so sweet and he looked so sad, but thank you for letting me do that" I whispered
Harry turned to me and kissed me and it felt magical as always.
We both turned back to watch the movie and for the rest of it my head was on his shoulder. Until I drifted off to sleep....
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