Could it be you?

Annabell is a girl who no one understands. She is very shy and musically talented. Finally one day all her dreams come true! By having some one finally understand her. So she thinks that he could be the one but she doesn't know if it could ever work. Wanna know what happens well read and see...


1. Last day of school

Well this is it! Finally summer! No more cheerleaders, jocks, or most importantly anyone! I'm free from all the bullying and name calling! I just have to get through the next umm well 4 hours of school. Great. Of course. And I still have to get through the horrid lunch period and locker break. Man, school is hell for a girl like me. But it's okay because I Annabell can get through this I thought to myself. But hey who am I kidding I wasn't even fooling myself! I knew I couldn't get through the next 4 hours!

Then all of a sudden the nasty voice of ms. Reed filled my ears. "Annabell! Hello? Are you going to answer? Annabell!" She said. " oh, yes Ms. Reed?" I said hesitantly.. "Are you going to sit there and day dream or are you going to tell me the setting of the story!" she barked.
"Yes of course it is umm the uh mhmm" I whispered trying not to make a fool outta my self.
"Ericka the setting is?" Ms. Reed said sweetly.
"Well Ms. Reed the setting is in the flower garden." Ericka said kindly it made me wanna puke.
"Thank you Ericka. And so class as Annabell demonstrated summer is on everyone's mind except Ericka's. She is here to be educated unlike the rest of you. You still have 4 more hours left people so get in the game!"

Thank goodness in that moment the bell rang for another version of hell which would be lunch.
As you can probably tell by now I'm not the coolest person in the school I'm more like the total opposite. And plus I'm wicked shy. So... Yeah I'm a loser.

As I walk in the lunch room I went to go get the poisonous mush they'd served today and called it food. Officiously I wasn't going to eat it. Then while I'm walking over to my lonely loser table of course Ericka and her 2 wannabes come walking in front of me and make me flip over my whole lunch tray! It lands all over me! I run into the bathroom to try and get it out and Ericka walks in and starts swearing at me. I just ignore her and walk out.

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