Could it be you?

Annabell is a girl who no one understands. She is very shy and musically talented. Finally one day all her dreams come true! By having some one finally understand her. So she thinks that he could be the one but she doesn't know if it could ever work. Wanna know what happens well read and see...


2. After school

Now that I'm out of that prison I start to walk to the beach because that's where I cry my eyes out and think about all my problems. I know it's weird but it helps me get my emotions out. As I'm walking down the side walk a car starts to slowly drive by and it's Ericka.

She yells out in her mousey voice " see you next year loser!"
Man do I hate her!! It took me just about a half hour to get to the beach. So that ment a half hour of hating Ericka.

Luckily I knew this morning I was going to the beach after school so I was all in a total beachy outfit. Wow, its sad that I know that every day I'm going to have a bad day and go to the beach. Yep, I'm pathetic.
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