The Little Sister(A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Olivia Tomlinson Just likes to have fun when it comes to guys. When she gets to know Niall Horan will she break his heart? Or will she be able to overcome her playerish ways and actually 'fall' inlove with him? read and find out!


3. Meeting the boys

*Louis POV* I know Olivia to well to know that she is going to try to get with one of the boys even though I told her no. That's just typical Livy for you! Once I walked out of my little sisters new room I walked up to the boys and made them sit down. "Are we in trouble?" Niall asks. "No not yet."I answer "What do you mean not yet?" Liam asks. I furrowed my eyebrows and folded my arms. "Listen, I know you guys think my my sisters hot, bu-" I got cutoff my Liam. "You got that right!" I got annoyed by his comment. I pointed at him, "You should not be saying that! You have Danielle! Would you like it if she was calling another guy hot!" I yelled Liam looked a little scared. "I-I guess not..." I felt a little bad about how I yelled at him, "Liam listen, I'm sorry that I  yelled I just am a little protective over my little sister, that's all. But seriously guys, I don't want you seeing my sister and that goes for all of you even you Harry!" okay so the Harry part was kind of a joke, saying they hate eachother and all. Honestly they never have told me why they hate eachother. "don't worry Louis, we promise we won't." Niall responded. *Nialls POV* The moment I saw her beautiful face I knew I liked her. She seemed to like Liam by the way she acted to him but she also seemed like a player type. This made me somewhat sad saying she was going after Liam and not me but I'll get over it. I can't seem to get Olivia out of my mind. Her beautiful blue eyes that stare deep into your soul. Her long wavy blonde hair. Her beautif- stop it! Stop Niall you can't fall inlove with a girl who has never even said hello to you yet! You need to get to know her! Well what do you know! Here she comes! Good time to get to know her. I thought to myself. "Hey boys. I'll be living here so I better get to know you guys." her beautiful voice echoed threw my ears. She sat down In front of us and started talking, "let me tell you what I already know about you guys," She pointed to Liam, "Liam I know you are called "daddy direction" and that you have a girlfriend who's name is Danielle." Then Olivia pointed to Harry. "Harry pervert Styles. You are the biggest asshole that I have ever met! Your a creep!" I laughed maybe a little to noticeable because she turned to me. "why are you laughing?" she glared I swallowed hard. "oh um no reason." Olivia smiled."Very well then. I'll finish." she pointed to Zayn. "what I can say about you Mr. Malik, is you got allot of this going on." she moved her hands around we hair. "Oh Zayn! Did I mention that my bestfriend also known as Harry's cousin really likes you!" she squealed. "I didn't know Harry had a cousin?" Zayn smiled "Well he does." she finished. Olivia finally turned to my direction. "Now you. Niall Horan. You eat a lot yet your not fat! You seem to be the youngest when really its the pathetic pervert over there. You deserve more solos too." she smiled and I smiled back. "well boys I better go unpack so talk to you later loves." and with that she walked off back to her room. Olivia Tomlinson, prepare to fall inlove.

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