The Little Sister(A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Olivia Tomlinson Just likes to have fun when it comes to guys. When she gets to know Niall Horan will she break his heart? Or will she be able to overcome her playerish ways and actually 'fall' inlove with him? read and find out!


1. Intro.

"Olivia Rene Tomlinson! Get your bum back down here right this instant!" My mum screamed at me as I ran up the stairs of our house. We were in a fight a big one, and this time, I'm not staying. I'm finding Louis and living with him! Oh I totally forgot to introduce myself! My name is Olivia Rene Tomlinson. I hate my name and most people think its odd that I do saying its a 'cute' name but you can just call me Livy or Or whatever you want. Yes I am the Louis Tomlinsons little sister. I've never met all the boys though, only Harry. I'm 17 years old. I'm short, around 5'2 to be exact. My hair is blonde and I have blue eyes.  I've never had a boyfriend before but that's by choice. I'm not very straight forward about my feelings for people so you might have to figure me out a bit.  The only person I tell everything to is Jessica Roberts. I met her in 5th grade when we were forced to work together on a project. The funny thing is, we hated each other back then. Jessi and I always were sent home because we would both get into fights. She got expelled one day in 7th grade for something that I had started. I thought that was the last time I was ever going to see her again. Well I was wrong. One day when I went over to Louis and Harry's flat,  guess who was there? Her! At first I thought she was just some slut that Harry had hooked up with for a night, but it turned out that Jessica is his cousin. The two of us worked out our differences and we have been best friends ever since. That was about 3 years ago. Anyways..... To be honest just because I haven't had a serious relationship, doesn't mean that I'm an innocent little girl, and trust me, I am the complete opposite. This takes me back to the fight me and me mum were having. It was about how I'm unfaithful and honestly a  whore. At least that's what she thinks. But girls just wanna have a little fun right?

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