The Little Sister(A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Olivia Tomlinson Just likes to have fun when it comes to guys. When she gets to know Niall Horan will she break his heart? Or will she be able to overcome her playerish ways and actually 'fall' inlove with him? read and find out!


2. Here Comes Trouble

*Olivia's POV* I slammed my door as hard as I could. I looked around my bed to find my phone. There it is! It was under a pile of clothes on my floor. There was only one person to call right now, and that would be my big brother. The phone rang twice then a girl answered instead of Louis. "Liv! It's me Eleanor. Sorry Louis can't talk right now he's busy in the recording studio. You can tell me though love." oh good its only Eleanor! Me and her get along really well. "I was kind of hoping he could talk. It's about mum..." I said quietly just I case my mum was at my door. "what about her?" she sounded concerned. "we um got into a huge fight and she kind of kicked me out... I need somewhere to stay so I was gonna ask Lou if I could live with him." The line was quite for a second, then I heard her sigh,"pack your stuff. I'm picking you up." then she hung up. I realize that I telling her that mum kicked me out is a lie but she may not have said yes if I told her I wanted to leave. I'll tell her the truth when she picks me up. All of my clothes were packed when I got a text from Eleanor... From: Eleanor<3 Hey love just pulled up to your house come outside as soon as possible! I responded with: Coming right now! I ran down the stairs carrying all of my clothes. My mum must have seen me because she was yelling. "And where in the hell do you think your going!?" Turning around to look at her, I screamed, "somewhere you won't find me!" I glared and walked out of the house. I walked outside to see Eleanor talking to my little sister Allianna. She's 13 and super sassy! Allianna walked up to me and looked up. "so I heard your going to go live with Louis?" she asked. "I swear if you tell mum I will kill you after she kills me!" I blurted "don't worry I won't, but one question?" "what Alli?" "take me with you! I'll be so bored alone with mum!" Allianna begged. I giggled. "no, but if she gives you any trouble, you know where to find me." I winked. "now come here and give your big sissy a hug!" we hugged and then it was time for me to leave. We pulled up to Louis flat and I sighed. Obviously Eleanor heard me cause she looked at me worried."Livy, what's wrong?" she asked me. "mum keeps saying how awful I am and calling me a whore or a slut. I just don't know why. What have I done wrong?" I sniffled. "well Hun, I don't really know what to say. Why does she call you those names?" "I don't really know. Maybe cause what I wear and cause I've never had a serious boyfriend they have all just been little flings for fun." I started crying "well having little flings is fine as long as you don't go to far babe. Y-you haven't right?" I smiled weakly,"guilty" is all I said and her eyes widened "Olivia Rene Tomlinson! Tell me that your lying!" I flinched at my awful name."Sorry I wish I was but I'm not. And you sound like mum." attitude kicking in. "Whoops sorry about that but how about we only keep this between the two of us alright?" I sighed in relief,"good idea." *Louis' POV* The boys and I were all hanging out at my flat just being our weird selves. "Liam if you eat my last carrot, the spoon gods will come and attack you in your sleep!" I screamed Liam looked a little frightened. He handed me my carrot. "here's your stupid carrot!" then he ran to the kitchen." buzz light year protect me!" he screamed. I smirked pointing my carrot to the rest of the boys who were on the floor dying of laughter. "And that boys," I bit into the orange heaven "is why you don't mess with the Tommo!" I said with a mouthful. "Lads, is anyone else hungry? Well because you know I am." Niall asked us. "When are you not hungry? We ate on our way here!" Zayn complained. "But that was like 30 minutes ago! I'm hungry!" Niall shouted holding his tummy. "I could go for some food myself" Liam confirmed walking back out of the kitchen with a few snacks, tossing a bag of chips to Niall. Sometimes I wonder where all the food goes after Niall has consumed it. Must be an Irish thing. I suddenly got an idea. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed three cans of  whipped cream. I tossed one can to Zayn and one can to Harry. They both caught on really fast. The three of us had a smirk on our faces as we got closer and closer to Niall and Liam. Both of them were distracted to the telly to see us. I counted to three showing my fingers to Harry and Zayn. Then I yelled,"WHIPPCREAM WAR!" the three of us attacked them with whippcream until Niall got ahold of one of the cans and started to attack us! I suddenly heard the front door close and everyone looked up. What was my sister doing here? *Liam's POV* Niall and I had just started to attack the boys back when I heard the door close. We all looked up at the same time, jaws dropping. Who was the hot girl with Eleanor? The girl spoke up "Boys close your mouths, your gonna attract flies." she smirked and walked over to Louis, the rest of us still in shock, except for Harry, weird... "Louis I haven't seen you in ages!" she screamed hugging him. I looked over to where Eleanor was and saw a bag laying next to her. "who's bag is that?" I asked. The girl walked up to me pinching me lightly on the cheek. "it's mine silly!" she giggled, running to her bag. She glanced over at Harry and glared. "Harold." she bluntly spoke Shooting daggers with her eyes. They know eachother? Weird... "I see the bitch is back in town." Harry responded back, giving her the same looks she gave him. Louis walked up to 'the mysterious girl' and grabbed her stuff. "Boys, this is my little sister Olivia. Eleanor told me that she will be stayin here for a while." wait sister? Louis looked at Olivia, "No funny business you hear?" All she did was giggle. "yes master Lou!" he kissed her on top of the head and walked to where I'm guessing is now Olivia's room. As she walked behind Louis, she looked at me and winked, wiggled her eyebrows a little then skipped off down the hallway giggling. God was she hot. Louis I'm sorry, but there might be some rule breaking going on soon... *Olivia's POV* I giggled at Liam's reaction to my flirting. Right now he's probably thinking that I like him or something crazy like that but trust me, I don't! Sometimes I just get bored so I flirt with random guys.I walked into my new room to see Louis looking and me, not angry, but necessarily as happy as can be. "Why do you look so grumpy?" I asked smiling at him. He placed his hands on his hips and furrowed his eyebrows."Why are you here Livy?" "Because mum is a hag and has nothing nice to say about me. We always fight Lou!" I confessed All he did was laugh and pull me into a tight hug."I understand. Now how about you go and get to know the boys? But I'm serious when I say no funny business!" "Okay but I'm not talking to Harry! And what if there the ones who come on to me? I can just say no!" I smiled a cheeky grin. "You haven't changed a bit Olivia. But no!" I knew he was serious but he still laughed a bit. I smirked to myself. Louis you really think just because you say no that I won't? Because they are some attractive boys! Except for Harry that is but that's a different story for a different time. This Tommo, meaning me of course, doesn't take orders from the 'elder' as in my big brother. Olivia Tomlinson, get ready to cause some trouble

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