Final Bell

Quinn Mariano always knew that she was different, even from the time she was a small child. She never realized just how different she was though, until one fateful night. Langston Academy has always been Quinn's home, but what happens when it turns into a nightmare? Quinn must figure out what power she possesses before its too late. If she doesn't, the consequences may be fatal.


6. Before (Part 3)

When Quinn reached her dorm, she was out of breath from sprinting out of Ambrose's office. She sat on her bed and again tears welled up in her eyes. She missed the people at the orphanage. They were always so nice and caring towards her. The kids there were nice too. It still didn't make sense to Quinn why they sent her to Langston Academy, but whenever she asked why, they just brushed it off and continued on with their day.

She looked at the time and saw it was 6 O'clock. She changed out of her jumper and into her regular clothes. Six O'clock was the time when her whole class got together and ate dinner. So, she headed out to the Dining Hall, despite the fact she would have to see Professor Doyle again.

Quinn walked into the Dining Hall with her head down and her pace quick. As she slid into the booth next to Dalton, the only kid in the whole kindergarten that talked to her, she could feel Professor Doyle's eyes on her the entire time.

"Quinn. what are you doing here?" I thought i told you to go to the headmaster's office." Professor Doyle said sharply.

"He told me to get out. So I did." Quinn said evenly, without meeting his gaze.

"Well what makes you think you are allowed to come to dinner with the rest of us?"

"I'm hungry, and I'm part of the class, so I'm allowed to come if i want," Quinn said.

"Watch your tone. And what is that sticking out of your pocket?" Doyle asked.

"It's a locket Professor Klienston gave to me. Which by the way, is none of your business."

"How do you know Professor Klienston?"

"That is none of your business either, sir." Quinn said as she got up to leave the table.

"Sit down! And don't you take that tone with me!" Doyle scolded at Quinn.

Quinn stood there, clenching the locket as rage began to bubble in her body. Her face turned red and the floors of the Dining Hall began to shake. People cried out, for they did not know what was happening, and neither did Quinn. She concentrated directly on the Doyle, wishing nothing more than for him to stop tormenting her for being different. She was only six years old after all. What did he want from her? The rage was building and building inside her, she couldn't contain it anymore. Now, the whole Dining Hall was shaking, and people were evacuating, but Doyle was cemented in place. His face, usually a cold mask with no emotion, was suddenly overtaken by fear. Just as Quinn was about to break her gaze and walk out of the Dining Hall, a huge bolder fell from the ceiling, missing Doyle by mere centimeters.

The hall stopped shaking and Quinn stood there frozen, eyes wide. She had almost killed Professor Doyle and everyone else in the Dining Hall. Professor Doyle stared at her with a look filled with so much hatred, she had to look away. Slowly Quinn walked out of the Dining Hall, trying to figure out what just happened.

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