Final Bell

Quinn Mariano always knew that she was different, even from the time she was a small child. She never realized just how different she was though, until one fateful night. Langston Academy has always been Quinn's home, but what happens when it turns into a nightmare? Quinn must figure out what power she possesses before its too late. If she doesn't, the consequences may be fatal.


2. Before (Part 1)


Quinn Mariano always knew she was special. She realized in kindergarten just exactly how different she was. She could remember it clearly. Her teacher at the time, Professor Doyle, had called on Quinn to show her drawing to the class. She was hesitant because her drawing was different from the other kids. They had drawn pictures of their families and pets, but she had no family or pets to draw. She had grown up an orphan, and often had nightmares about it. As Quinn approached the front of the classroom, everything seemed to go in slow motion. Once she was at the front, she faced the class. A smile spread across her face and she was filled with pride as she showed her picture to the class. A gasp escaped from Professor Doyle's mouth. The picture revealed a man with a dismembered body. Red crayon filled the paper symbolizing the blood shed of the mans body. A dark figure stood in the back round, barley visible, but just enough to see that it was holding a knife. Its eyes stared into the dead mans, perhaps looking through him, into the eyes of everyone in the classroom. Professor Doyle scolded her. "Quinn. Go see the headmaster NOW. You will be lucky if you are not expelled for creating such a drawing. I never want to see that again, and if I do I will be the one expelling you. Not Headmaster Ambrose. Now go." Quinn had no idea what she had done wrong. All he told them to do was draw what was on their minds, and Quinn had nightmares about the man and the figure every night. Every night, up until the final bell.

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