Final Bell

Quinn Mariano always knew that she was different, even from the time she was a small child. She never realized just how different she was though, until one fateful night. Langston Academy has always been Quinn's home, but what happens when it turns into a nightmare? Quinn must figure out what power she possesses before its too late. If she doesn't, the consequences may be fatal.


5. After (Part 3)


Quinn woke up drenched in cold sweat, her head reeling with thoughts of the nightmare. The first nightmare began when she was 6, and she was 15 now. For nine years, the nightmare hadn't changed in the slightest. Now in the course of just one night, the nightmare changed completely. It changed without any warning, and made her that much more aware of how different she was.

She forced herself out of bed and turned on the shower. She decided to take a cold one, to wash away the grogginess and the fear from last night. After fifteen minutes she finally stepped out of the shower and got ready for her day. She decided to wear a blood red bow in her hair. It only lightened her sin kissed blonde hair.

On her way to literature, with Professor Maury, she met up with her best friend Audriana Hewitt. Audriana was the popular girl, she had bright blue eyes, and chestnut brown hair. Every girl at Langston Academy wanted to be her friend. Quinn was the outcast of Langston. Most people stayed away from her because of the tings she wrote and the graphic drawings she created. Audriana was okay with all that. She was intrigued by the quirkiness in Quinn, and they have been inseparable since 1st grade.

"QUINN! QUINN OVER HERE!" Audriana was yelling to Quinn from the other side of the courtyard. She was waving frantically. Quinn walked over to Audriana, taking slow, calculated steps.

"Hey Audie," Quinn said her voice sounding distant in her own ears. She quickly tried to pull her self together. "So what was so important you almost tackled me from the other side of the courtyard?" Quinn said, sounding slightly more normal.

"Didn't you hear?! Headmaster Ambrose has set up a party for the Final Bell! It's so exciting! They're naming it the final ball. Appropriate isn't it? Well anyways, we  need to get dresses and dates, and plan everything in advanced!" Audriana said, talking a mile a minute.

Quinn's eyes got wide and panic filled her.

"Maybe...Maybe we should skip the ball. Just hang out at my dorm like we used to...Those things are overrated anyways." Quinn stammered out. She couldn't take the risk of her nightmare coming true.

"Are you crazy?! We are going to this ball weather you like it or not. Now c'mon we're going to be late for class."

As Quinn was dragged to class, she knew she had to find a way to stop this ball.

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