Final Bell

Quinn Mariano always knew that she was different, even from the time she was a small child. She never realized just how different she was though, until one fateful night. Langston Academy has always been Quinn's home, but what happens when it turns into a nightmare? Quinn must figure out what power she possesses before its too late. If she doesn't, the consequences may be fatal.


1. After (Part 1)


On the night of the final bell, Quinn Mariano stood in front of the mirror wiping away the blood from her face. Her dress was trashed with blood and dirt. Ripped to shreds from running through the woods to get away. Get away from the evil that was chasing her. She had always known this day would come, but she had no idea the torture she would have to endure. She turned away from the mirror, disgusted at what she had become. Deep down she knew that this wasn't her fault, that she couldn't control what was happening, but all she felt was guilt. It ate away at her as she walked back to the Main Hall of her boarding school Langston Academy. Quinn finally reached the front doors of the Main Hall. All she could do was stand there and think. Should I go in? Will they know what happened, what I have become? Maybe i should just go ba- Her thoughts were interrupted when the front doors swung open to reveal everyone inside was dead. 

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