What you don't know wont hurt

Katy goes to a party and has to drag Taylor with her, everything goes a turn for a worse especially for Katy's family.


1. The Party


As me and Taylor walk in to a party we were invited to by a friend, who we could not see through the crowd, my ears start to ring, but i don't back down i keep going head high in my sexy outfit i feel confidence filling my body, i bundle through the crowd with Taylor and as all the hot boys check us out, Taylor soon feels comfortable and flirts up boys while i find a toilet.

I walk up the stairs in the darkness, obviously the bulbs blew, just as i get to the top of the stairs someone puts their hand around my mouth and drags me into a room, i feel the cheap whiskey on their breath and they are obviously drunk.


All my thoughts get muddled up and i feel myself getting pushed to the floor and the door being slowly closed.

'hello sexy' says the voice

i whimper as the person comes towards me and i feel him smirking in the dark room.

'don't cry' the mysterious voice says soothingly.

suddenly i'm full of rage and i know whats coming next, so as the mysterious figure gets closer to me, i hear the person pulling the buttons on their shirt and then they come towards me and start to undress me, i suddenly fill of courage; and bite their hand and spit in their face, but they don't move.In quick thinking i tug at the loose tie around the persons neck, they didn't bother take off.


i pull on it, acting as im enjoying this moment i feel their whiskey breath next to my cheek and i suddenly grab their hair and tug on it hard.

'You bitch' they blurt out.

'Thanks' i sarcastically say.

As i run for the door i bang loud.

'HELP ME!' i scream as loud as i can.

I hear someone rushing to the door and try opening it, as i can hear their panicking voice, as they know this is not 7 minuets in heaven.


The mysterious figure gets up and comes closer to me grabbing my hands but i hear the door coming closer to opening... as i get pinned to the floor  by the person the door flings open, and my hero pushes the guy off me and flings him downstairs and out of the house.

'Don't come back, you chav!' he screams.

My hero comes running back up the stairs and i hear the silence down stairs, he pulls me to my feet.

'You ok?' he whispers.

I don't answer but instead i start to cry.

'Its ok, he's gone' he says soothing

'Thank you' i whisper

As i lie my head on his chest, my hero comforts me, and down stairs i hear the music start back up.

'I'm Steve' he says

'I'm Katy, nice to meet you and once again thank you' i say once more

'I understand why that guy almost raped you, you look hot!' jokes Steve

i push him in a jokey way and then mine and his eyes lock together and then he leans in and i cant seem to stay away from him, his soft green eyes, i lean in to and we stand there in the room kissing, passionately, his soft, gentle lips against mine, as sparks fly.

7 minuets later we pull apart, and i feel like I've been in heaven.

'I should get you home..' Steve says gently.

'Is it your job?' i joke.

'It is when a beautiful lady is involved' he says back

As me and him go down stairs i see Taylor snogging on the sofa with a cute boy, she stops kissing and looks at me, then grabs out her phone and they seconds late i get a text saying: 'don't worry bout me girl xx'

So i walk to Steve's car and he opens the door for me.

'i can open doors you know' i say rudely.

'so now your rude' Steve shoots back.

'sorry' i say feeling guilty.

'its alright' he laughs.

All the way back to my house me and Steve talk non stop like we known each other all our lives, when we get to my drive way, we exchange numbers.


In minuets as i step through the door i get a text from Steve saying: 'Love you beautiful, wanna hook up sometime? xx <3.

i reply back: 'awww, and sure but could of asked that when were in the car.. xxx'

he replies: 'i'm to shy, especially your HOT! you make my heart melt <3 xxx'

in the end i replied back to him: 'Night sexy, i hate you ;) xxx <3'

and he replied: 'you hate me? :( haha night baby xxx <3'


As i go to my room, all i can think about it Steve's soft green eyes and our lips locked together, but also that mysterious man who almost raped me...







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