The Pond

Moving to Tennessee seems hard, especially when you have to break up with your boyfriend, leave your friends, and your mother.
After meeting the hottest boy in town Wren must decide whether to stay with him and get sucked into the drama or break up with him and have a fun high school experience.


3. Waterfall


I sat in the passengers seat in a truck of a boy I had just met. I looked out the window at the cows and country. I got a little bit bored of the scenery, so I turned on the radio. The radio switched to a station with old country music.

“Ugh.” I coughed, a little too loudly.

“What?” asked the boy driving.

“You listen to this crap?” I blurted.

“What else is there to listen to? The rest is all static.” He responded

I turned the knob of the tuner, listening to all of the stations. It finally turned to a song that I knew. My head bobbed back and forth. The boy looked at me and laughed.

“What’s your name?” I asked him

“Cody. And you?”


“Like the bird?” he asked

“Yeah. When I was born a wren flew into the hospital window.”

Cody looked at me, “That’s too bad.”

“Oh my god” I thought, could he really not take a joke?

“I was joking.” I finally said

He smiled, “You really thought a country boy like me couldn’t take a joke huh?”

“That’s a relief! What am I to expect? I’m used to the city, loud music, and sarcastic people.”

“And we’re not?”


“What are we used to then?”

“Country. Slow music. Serious farmers and rich people.”

         The song came to an end and the car took a left turn into the woods.

“Uhm Cody, what’s back here?” I asked him getting nervous.

“You’ll see.” He replied

         The palms of my hands began to sweat. I’m so stupid! I shouldn’t climb into the car with a random person I just met. Even if I thought it was safe. The car doors were locked and we were getting deeper into the forest. My breathing became louder and I knew Cody could hear me.



         The car pulled in between two trees. The doors unlocked and Cody climbed out, closing the door of the old red truck. I came out after him. Almost immediately I heard the sound of rushing water. I followed Cody; the air was getting damper and cooler. My arms moved about swiping away branches and leafs. He held to large branches out in front of him, gesturing for me to go in front of him.

         A beautiful waterfall was tucked away under the trees and it fell into a small lake. My eyes wandered around, taking in the sight. I sighed and let myself float away. I turned around expecting to see Cody, but he wasn’t there. As soon as I started looking for him, I heard a loud splash. My head snapped towards the lake. Cody was in the water.

His green eyes were glowing, the same color as the water. His tan skin dripping wet. He ran his hand through his hair and looked over at me. I was transfixed in his eyes.

“Wren!” he called to me, “Come on in! The water’s really nice and refreshing.”

          I started unbuttoning my shirt. I quickly looked up at him. He was watching me undress. My shirt was off, but I stayed in my jean shorts.

“So where can I jump in?” I called back

“Jump in?” He called surprised.

“What? You just suspect that I’ve never jumped off a cliff? Hah! Typical boy.”

Cody laughed, “One thing about me, I don’t judge.”

I smiled. “Good,” I responded, “Neither do I.”

I climbed onto the highest rock near the water and jumped in. Cody was right; the water was nice and refreshing. He swam towards me. I was treading water as best as I could. The lake was deep and I couldn’t stand anywhere. Cody sank down under the water.

         Something was tickling my feet and I laughed. After a minute passed by, I still didn’t see Cody. I went under the water and felt my way around, looking for him. I bumped into a rock and shot up out of the water. My lungs filled up with air. Still, Cody wasn’t there. It had been two minutes.

         I swam towards a rock where I could pull myself out. I was really close to the rock when a hand grabbed my foot and dragged me down into the water. I screamed. We came up to the surface. Cody was panting.

“What the hell!” I yelled at him

“Sorry. I didn’t know you’d take that seriously.”

“Take that seriously? Cody! I thought you drowned!”

“Wren, I’m sorry.”

I got back to the rock and got out. I shivered and walked into the sun. I grabbed my shirt and dried myself off. Cody came out after me. He tapped my shoulder. I pushed him back into the water and dove in.

“What was that for?” he coughed

“Fun?” I suggested.

He laughed and swam towards me. Cody got reasonably close to me. Close enough to kiss. I bumped into him and he grabbed my waist. I could feel his breath on my neck.


   For a boy I had just met, I liked him a lot. I had only known him for 3 hours and I had already fallen for him. As he held me close in the water I debated whether or not to kiss him. We searched each other’s eyes, looking for an answer. I finally leaned in for a kiss.

         Our lips touched and I instantly felt something. We began to sink down into the water. I pulled back slowly. I wrapped my arms around Cody’s neck and went back in for a kiss. He kissed me back. After a few minutes he pulled away and we floated in the water.

“Not bad for a western.” He said.

“Not bad for a country boy.” I replied and winked.

“Not bad for a girl I just met.”

I blushed. “Oh right. That part.”

“Its fine Wren. I like you too. I mean even though we just met.”

“Yeah. I know.”

         Cody and I got out of the water again and talked. I learned that we went to the same school, but he was a year older than me. He had two brothers and one sister who was my age. One brother was in college and the other was in 7th grade. I told him about me and my mom and my friends back home. I started talking a lot about my friends. Then I said his name. Jack.

         I had forgotten about Jack. Was that a good thing?

“You ok?” asked Cody.

“Yeah,” I said, “I’m fine.”

“You seem like you forgot something.”

“Someone.” I corrected him.

“Oh. Jack?” he asked me.

“I guess you caught that too.”

“Yeah,” he said, “I did.”

“Sorry—I. I don’t know what just happened.”

“Its ok Wren. Can I have just one answer?”

“As many as you want.” I whispered.

“Do you still have feelings for Jack?”

I took a minute to think about that. “I don’t know Cody. I mean I probably wont ever see him again and I broke up with him, but I don’t know.”

Cody nodded. “Do you like me?” he asked.


We fell silent. Cody got up and grabbed his shirt and keys. I followed him back to the truck. I got in my seat and Cody started the car. We pulled out of the forest and onto the main road. He drove me into town showing me little shops from the car and finally took me to our school.

He parked the car and took me inside. He gave me a full tour of the building. He showed me some of the main classrooms of my grade, the gym, and the cafeteria. We walked back outside to the football field; apparently he played. I told him that the school looked great, but it was getting late and I should be getting home. I texted my dad asking him which house was ours.

As Cody pulled into my driveway he asked me if he could see me again.

“Again?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I mean unless you’re still not over--”

 I broke him off. “No, no. I would love to see you again.”

Cody smiled a little. “Ok, here’s my number,” he handed me a little piece of paper with his number on it, “Call me.”

“Will do,” I replied climbing out of the car, “Thanks for the tour.”

“Anytime.” He said and pulled out of the driveway.

         I walked up the front steps, opened the door and went inside. My dad was sitting on the couch with a woman. She had black hair and brown eyes; she was definitely not from Tennessee. I went over to them.

“Hi.” I said.

“Hey Wren.” My dad said smiling.

I looked over at the woman and nodded towards her.

“Oh right, this is Claire. She’s the home decorator.”

Claire got up and took my hand in for a shake.

“Hi Wren, I’m Claire, its so nice to meet you. How do you like your room? I’m here to help you change it up if you want.”

“Oh my room? Its amazing.” I said

“That’s good to hear! But do you want to change anything?” she asked once more.

         I thought about the décor and decided to bring her upstairs to get another look of the room. She walked over to my bed and then to the window.

“I want to show you something.” She said.

I stood there waiting for her to show me whatever it was. She walked into my closet. There was a cloth that was attached from the sealing, falling to the hardwood floors. It was a purple and white tie-dye. She pushed the cloth away. A door was behind it. “Another door?” I thought. She opened it.



This wasn’t a room at all. It was a balcony set over the back yard. I could see the mountains and the woods. This was the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my whole life.

Claire stood with me for a little, but then she went back inside. As she opened the door, she turned around and reminded me that this was mine; my dad didn’t even know it was here. I said thank you and she disappeared. I couldn’t believe that I had access to such a beautiful place.

I breathed in, taking in the earth’s beauty. I sat down and rested my head against the railing. A bluejay flew over my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about Cody and Jack, the two boys that I couldn’t figure out. I sighed and closed my eyes.

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